Does Quinoa Have Iron? How Much Iron In Quinoa?

quinoa iron content

Some people wonder – Does quinoa have iron?

Those who are a big fan of quinoa are well aware that this seed is packed with protein, fiber, and other nutrients. But does it really have iron? And if so, how much iron does it contain?

Quinoa is a healthy food that’s been growing in popularity among vegans and superfood enthusiasts. So, it is only right to talk about the nutritional benefits of quinoa, specifically the iron it supplies your body with.

Let’s talk about iron in quinoa and the best way to prepare it for your iron supply each day. Let’s get started.

Does Quinoa Have Iron?

The quick answer is yes. Quinoa has a good amount of iron, which can range from 4.57 to 1.49 milligrams per serving. A cup or 185 grams of cooked quinoa, particularly the basic kind and not fortified with other nutrients, offers at least 1.49 milligrams of iron.

Moreover, there are different types of quinoa including black, red, and white. So, depending on the type of quinoa you get, as well as the means of preparing it, you can guarantee to receive some iron from adding this into your diet.

Iron In Quinoa – Nutritional Content

A cup of quinoa has a decent amount of iron in it. In fact, you can expect to get as much as 2.76 milligrams from a typical quinoa. This should provide you with as much as 20 percent of the RDI.

Now, it is a very dense seed, which means eating a cup of quinoa should be more than enough for one person. You can easily consume a cup of cooked quinoa as a replacement to your rice. Munch it as your breakfast porridge and add in your favorite sweetener.

It is also worth noting that quinoa does have a good amount of iron in it. However, it also has iron inhibitors, thus preventing your body from absorbing all of its iron content.

This is the phytic acid or mineral inhibitors that make it hard to get all the iron from quinoa. So, you need to prepare this food in a different way to get rid of these inhibitors. One way is by soaking quinoa first before cooking it.

Get a bowl with warm water and soak the quinoa for a few hours or overnight. Then, it should be ready to cook the next day.

How To Eat Quinoa For More Iron

Quinoa is a great rice alternative, especially if you want a more nutritious and more filling food to eat. Yet, it’s not the only way to eat quinoa.

You can also make quinoa bread, quinoa salad, and quinoa bars for a delightful twist to this nutritious seed.

A breakfast porridge made of quinoa is also a fun option, then you can add in some fresh or dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and your preferred sweetener to make it even tastier. If you don’t like it too thick, you can even add some plant-based milk. It’s almost like your breakfast oats, except it’s quinoa!

There are also a few more quinoa recipes that you can try such as the ones here.

No matter how you prepare quinoa, you can definitely enjoy its amazing nutritional content and great flavor when combined with other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Quinoa is an excellent superfood that has iron, protein, fiber, and other key vitamins and minerals.

It’s easy to cook and can be used in a variety of recipes. You have endless options for quinoa recipes, so it makes perfect sense to add it to your diet daily.

We hope you enjoyed the ideas we shared with you about iron in quinoa with some recipe ideas for this seed. Now, you can add it to your weekly menu and reap all the impressive health benefits that it has to offer.

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