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Key Reasons Why Animals Should Have Rights

reasons why animals should have rights

What are the important reasons why animals should have rights? Many advocacy groups have argued and promoted the rights of animals all throughout the world. As these animals are sentient creatures, then they deserve a life void of suffering and torture. Thus, these advocates are not in favor of using animals as clothing, food, and […]

Why Is My Cholesterol High If I’m Vegan? Here’s What You Should Know

why is my cholesterol high if i'm vegan

“Why is my cholesterol high if I’m vegan?” This is one of the few concerns that some vegans have about their health. Although generally, a vegan diet helps to bring down the cholesterol level, there are those who worry that they have a higher cholesterol nonetheless. Why does this happen? Let’s shed some light to […]

Why Vegans Don’t Eat Honey: Why Is Honey Not Vegan?

why is honey not vegan

Ever wondered why vegans don’t eat honey? If you are thinking about doing a plant-based diet, perhaps you wonder what sweetener you can use for your food. Vegans, however, skip honey. They prefer to use other sweeteners such as maple syrup, stevia, and others. So why isn’t honey vegan? Let’s investigate and find out exactly […]

How To Avoid Anemia On A Vegan Diet? Vegan Iron Rich Food For Anemia

anemia vegan

You have probably heard about anemia vegan people tend to suffer from due to inadequate amounts of iron from their diet. It is not unusual for these people to suffer from poor iron levels, especially if they are not consuming enough vegetables high in iron for anemia. Fortunately, this is a medical condition that you […]