Key Reasons Why Animals Should Have Rights

reasons why animals should have rights

What are the important reasons why animals should have rights?

Many advocacy groups have argued and promoted the rights of animals all throughout the world. As these animals are sentient creatures, then they deserve a life void of suffering and torture.

Thus, these advocates are not in favor of using animals as clothing, food, and goods. This is the reason why vegans denounce using animal by-products such as leather, wool, and the like.

So, why exactly should animals have rights? Here are just some of the reasons for you to consider.

Reasons Why Animals Should Have Rights

Many people declare their love for animals, yet there are animals consumed as food while others are kept as pets.

So, why should animals have rights? And should it be for only select animals or all animals?

In the 1996 Animal Welfare Act issued by the US Department Of Agriculture, it states that animals used for commercial farming purposes also need to obtain the right kind of treatment. This is why animal rights activist groups promote this concept to all.

Animals should have rights as they are sentient creatures just like humans. This is why it is not right to breed, confine, and slaughter animals – no matter how “humane” these may be.

There is also the idea of a more humane treatment of animals. However, it is not the same for all. Egg farmers may assume that killing male chicks is not a bad thing. There are also “cage-free” chickens with operators purchasing eggs from hatcheries that kill those male chicks.

This blurs the line, which may be tricky for some people.

Then, there is the issue with humane meat, which may appear to be absurd, as far as animal rights activists are concerned. After all, these creatures are slaughtered for people to eat their meat.

So the question remains – why should animals have rights?

As these are sentient creatures, they deserve to live just like every human being. Humans, for instance, have rights as a way of preventing unjust suffering. Hence, activists also aim to speak for these animals who are suffering unfairly.

Sure, these animals do not need to have the very similar rights that us humans have. But it sure is important for animals to be respected.

Humans have the right to liberty, security, and life. And also the freedom to express their thoughts, to education, and conscience.

These are not the same rights that animals have. But at the same time, they deserve to live and be free from torture. After all, by allowing them to live naturally, then we are not causing an imbalance in nature and our ecosystem.

Bottom Line

Why should animals need to have rights? For the mere reason that they are sentient creatures just like us.

This is why to really show how much we value all beings on this planet, we must not take part in their suffering and cessation of life. They deserve to live just like we do – and it is something that every creature has a right to – no matter how big or small they may be.

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