Best Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Without Carrageenan

vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan

Ever wondered if it’s possible to find vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan?

If you are sensitive to carrageenan, or your body reacts differently to it, then it is definitely worth skipping this ingredient for your supplements.

So what are these supplements void of carrageenan? And why is it that some people do not do well with it? Keep reading to learn more.

Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Without Carrageenan

Carrageenan is common in many supplements and food products. What it does is to bind the ingredients to make the product thicker.

Just about recently, carrageenan has been sourced from red algae. Although it is natural, there are some people who react differently when they take this product. For instance, they may suffer from inflammation while others may have more serious reactions.

This is why there are those who prefer to take vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan. Since it was almost banned by the FDA back in the 1970s, it may be worth looking into supplements that do not contain this ingredient.

But just how easy – or hard – is it to find one, anyway?

There are some supplement companies that have completely eliminated this ingredient from their products. This is all because of the potential health risks involved with carrageenan such as the following:

  • Gut inflammation
  • Cell damage
  • Possible risk of colorectal cancer
  • Glucose intolerance
  • Spike in cholesterol
  • And many more

Because of these possible health concerns, it may be worth considering skipping carrageenan in your supplements. And so, we have come up with a list of some vegan omega 3 supplements without this ingredient that may further benefit your health.

Here are just some of them.

Best-Selling Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Without Carrageenan

To help you pick out your best bet for these carrageenan-free vegan omega 3 supplements, here is our list for you.

1. The Veggie Doctor QWELL

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What we like about this product is that it is balanced and completely free from carrageenan. This supplement has EPA and DHA, so it is ideal to use for vegans who would like to stay away from fish oil. Moreover, it does not give you fishy-tasting burps.

The product contains non-GMO and farm-raised algae without any toxic elements or pollutants. Moreover, this supplement has zero soy, carrageenan, rosemary extract, or artificial flavors and colors. So, you can be sure that it is absolutely safe to take, especially if you have sensitivities to these ingredients.

2. Life Extension Vegetarian DHA

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Next up in our list of these vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan is this one from Life Extension. One bottle contains 30 softgel omega 3, with ingredients obtained from plant-based sources including flax seed and algae.

The product has ample ALA content and with 200 milligrams of DHA. So, if you want to increase your intake of omega 3, this product is most certainly a great one to take.

3. Amala Omega 3

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We are very much impressed with the quality and integrity of this vegan omega 3 from Amala. It is a balanced supplement with 500 milligrams, although the EPA level is only at 5 milligrams.

Moreover, there are about 60 servings per bottle. While the dose may be a bit low, you can easily increase it if you choose to.

One drawback, however, is the price point. It can be a bit steep, as compared to the other ones on the list. Yet, it is worth the price and has other great ingredients such as extracted algae oil, organic lemon peel oil (cold pressed) and natural tocopherol.

4. Amandean Algal Oil

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Containing as much as 150 milligrams of EPA and 300 milligrams of DHA, this omega 3 supplement is well-balanced just like the other ones on the list. The ingredients used are generally safe for the body, which also help to protect the product from the nasty effects of oxidation.

The omega 3 is sourced primarily from algal oil, as well as sunflower seed oil (non-GMO), and rosemary oil extract. There is also some vitamin E and vitamin C to this product to add to its amazing benefits.

5. Nested Naturals

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Vegans in search of carrageenan-free omega 3 supplements will appreciate what Nested Naturals has to offer. It contains reformulated DHA and EPA, which means it is polar lipid instead of triglyceride. Hence, the body can absorb it even better.

The product is made of algal oil, which has been sourced sustainably. The marine algae is also grown in a sustainable manner, which means it is absolutely pure as compared to those harvested straight from the ocean.

Just one serving of this supplement offers up to 300 milligrams of vegan EPA and DHA for your peace of mind. You can achieve all the benefits that come with it such as immunity support and better eye health.

6. iWi Vegan Omega 3

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Adding on our list of products for vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan is this product from iWi. This supplement uses Almega PL, which is a proprietary algae form. It has been proven to offer a concentrated amount of EPA that is higher than most.

When you take a softgel once daily, you get up to 252 milligrams of essential omega 3 fatty acids. This is what you need for better heart, brain, and nerve health support.

Bottom Line

Overall, vegan omega 3 supplements without carrageenan are your best bet when it comes to eliminating allergic reactions to these ingredients. While for some people it may not be a concern, it may be worth looking into such a type of supplement to prevent some symptoms linked with carrageenan.

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