How To Take Omega 3 & 6 For Vegans – Best Vegetarian Sources Of Omega 3 & 6

Best vegetarian sources of omega 3 & 6

Everybody needs healthy fats in their diets. These fats such as the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids are what helps to improve your immune system, nerves, and brain health. Although you can easily get these from supplements, it is also very important that you eat foods rich in these fatty acids. These […]

Lentils Iron Content – How Much Iron Does Lentil Have?

lentils iron content

If you prefer a plant-based food to fight iron deficiency anemia, then you may be wondering how much iron lentils have. Does this food actually have iron? Absolutely. Lentils are rich not only in iron but in several other vitamins and minerals like protein, fiber, vitamin B, and so on. So, if you are considering […]

Iron Free Vegetables List – List of Foods With No Iron in Them

iron free vegetables list

There are many reasons why you might need an iron free vegetables list. For instance, you may be suffering from excessive iron in your body. This condition is called hemochromatosis, which can pose health risks to you. With hemochromatosis, you are at increased risk of sustaining damages to your various organs such as the pancreas, […]

Is Broccoli A Good Source Of Iron? How Much Iron In Broccoli?

how much iron does broccoli have

We have heard many people ask – how much iron does broccoli have? Since iron deficiency is such a hot topic among vegans, it only makes sense that there’s a wide interest in incorporating more foods that contain this essential mineral. After all, iron is responsible for delivering oxygen to your cells and organs. You […]