How To Store Aquafaba – Easy, Quick And Simple!

how to store aquafaba

Now that you have made your very own aquafaba, you may be wondering how to store aquafaba.

After all, you have probably made more than you need. So now, you want to keep it in a secure place for next time.

What’s the best way to store aquafaba and how long does aquafaba last?

These are all the things you need to make sure you have good quality aquafaba each time. Your recipes should turn out great with fresh aquafaba stored the right way. Let’s get started!

How To Store Aquafaba

The best way to store aquafaba is in a tightly sealed jar. For instance, you can decant your aquafaba into glass jars such as wide-mouth mason jars.

Do not cover with a lid yet unless it is completely cool. Leave it at room temperature with the jar uncovered. Once it is cool, it should be safe to put it in the freezer.

However, do not seal with the lids yet until the aquafaba is frozen very well. Otherwise, the glass jar will break as the contents expand.

In case you are planning on using aquafaba in the next days to come, you can simply put it in a jar and into the fridge. There is no need to freeze unless you do not plan on using it anytime soon.

Another way to store aquafaba is by pouring it into your ice cube tray. Let it freeze before transferring into a glass container. Then, you should be able to safely free it without worrying about the container cracking.

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How Long Does Aquafaba Last?

If you are looking to use aquafaba in the coming days, you will be glad to know that it should still remain in good condition when stored properly.

By following the storage tips we have shared with you above, you can expect it to last longer.

Aquafaba that is made fresh then stored in the refrigerator should last for a week. However, you can make it last longer up to 4 months when frozen.

It is worth noting that when you keep it longer than 4 months, aquafaba should begin acquiring an odd flavor. This is what happens when stored for too long in the freezer. Thus, it is best to use it before it happens.

Store Aquafaba The Right Way For Months!

With all these things being said, aquafaba should be able to last longer with the right storage technique.

Use it in a week, and all you need is to put it in the refrigerator. But if you plan on not using it anytime soon, then freezing it is your best bet.

Now, go ahead and make yourself some homemade aquafaba and enjoy this ingredient for weeks or even months!

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