How Much Protein Does A Vegan Need? How Do Vegans Get Enough Protein?

how much protein does a vegan need

For folks who follow a plant-based diet, they may ask themselves how much protein does a vegan need.

This is a common concern among those who are just starting out with a plant-based diet since the typical understanding is that they cannot get enough unless they eat meat.

However, we can debunk this myth by saying that plants also have protein. In fact, you can stop worrying about how to get enough protein as a vegan by simply eating the right foods.

There are many ways to get protein and here are just some of the best ones you can eat. But first, let’s answer the question – how much protein does a vegan need.

Vegans And Protein – How Much Protein Does A Vegan Need

There is so much obsession with protein. Whether these are athletes, bodybuilders, or just an average person looking to transition into a vegan diet, the question on how to get protein always seems to come up.

After all, the common idea is that you need to eat meat just to get protein. However, this is not the case since you can also get protein from plant sources. This is also why there is an increase in the number of vegan athletes who rely on plant-based protein supplements.

So how much protein does a vegan need?

The RDA states that we need 0.8 grams per kilogram weight. What this means is that a vegan male who weighs 174 pounds would need about 71 grams of protein. This is definitely something that can be achieved by eating plants noted for their high protein content.

How Do Vegans Get Enough Protein

Now this brings us to the next question – how do vegans get enough protein?

There are many plant-based foods packed with protein, and these are just some of the best ones, along with their protein content in grams

1. Breakfast

1 cup soy milk – 7 grams
1 cup oatmeal – 6 grams
2 slices Ezekiel bread – 20 grams

2. Lunch

1 cup baked beans – 12 grams
1 cup brown rice – 5 grams

3. Dinner

1 cup steamed broccoli – 4 grams
1 cup firm tofu – 12 grams
1 cup quinoa – 8 grams

4. Snack

1 cup hummus – 19 grams
6 rice crackers – 2 grams

If you add up all the protein content in these foods, that gives you a whopping 95 grams! That is more than what the RDA recommends, which is a solid proof that getting protein from plants is absolutely attainable.

Active male vegans need about 2.2 grams of protein per 100 calories while adult female vegans need 2.3 grams. These numbers can be attained so easily by consuming the best vegan sources.

The following are among the best protein sources for vegans. The numbers are based on per serving and grams of protein per 100 calories.

Tempeh – 34 g
Cooked soybeans 31 g
Cooked lentils – 18 g
Cooked chickpeas – 15 g
Baked beans – 12 g
Cooked lima beans – 15 g
4 ounces of tofu – 12 g
1 medium bagel – 11 g
1 cup soy milk – 7 g
Cooked peas, 9 g
1/4 cup almonds – 8 g
Cooked broccoli – 4 g

Healthy adult male vegans need 63 grams of protein a day while female vegans require 52 grams. Since many vegetables, seeds, and nuts have a good amount of protein, it should be easy to achieve these numbers.

Final Thoughts

Protein is an important nutrient that every person needs. This is why many people wonder how they could get this nutrient when they follow a vegan diet.

Fortunately, vegans can never be deficient in protein, as long as they eat the right foods. Tofu, beans, seeds, and nuts are just some of the very many sources of protein for vegans. It is also possible to combine different foods to make sure that you are not only getting protein but complete protein, as well, from your daily meals.

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