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Which Protein-rich Food Would Be A Good Source Of Calcium For Vegans?

which protein-rich food would be a good source of calcium for vegans

Folks on a plant based diet may find themselves wondering – which protein-rich food would be a good source of calcium for vegans? It is a common concern among vegans to maintain their protein and calcium levels. After all, these nutrients are abundant in animal products and dairy. But if you are avoiding these foods […]

Why You Need Multivitamins Without Iodine & Best Options

multivitamins without iodine

Are you in search of multivitamins without iodine? But first of all, why should you go for iodine free multivitamin, anyway? If you are getting plenty of iodine from your diet, then there is no need to take additional amounts of this mineral from a multivitamin. Adults generally require 150 micrograms of iodine a day […]

Vegan Sources Of Iodine – How To Get Iodine On A Plant-Based Diet

vegan sources of iodine

If you are on a plant-based diet, it is important to know what the vegan sources of iodine are. After all, this is an important mineral that helps your body make necessary thyroid hormones. It also supports healthy cells while promoting metabolic rate. But for vegetarians and vegans, they may be wondering how to get […]

Everything You Should Know About Aquafaba Nutrition

aquafaba nutrition

So, you’ve heard about aquafaba and what it is. Let’s now discuss aquafaba nutrition. Is chickpea juice healthy? Are you really better off using aquafaba as an egg replacement? When the recipe calls for egg but you would rather skip it, should you use aquafaba instead of other options? This is what we’ll talk about […]