Weavers Way Vegan Fest

Yesterday the From A to Vegan crew headed down to Mt. Airy, a quick drive for us, to Weavers Way Vegan Fest. Weavers Way is one of the oldest grocery store-style co-ops in the region. I have a little soft spot for them because I’m on the board of a soon-to-be co-op (Doylestown Food Co-op) that aspires to do a lot of community and education work Weavers Way does. They’re a true model of what a co-op should be — enriching their community, supporting other co-ops in the region, and planning events such as Vegan Fest even though they’re not a vegan store.

Vegan Fest was a small event, compared to all other festivals we’ve been to in the past, but it was just right for a Sunday afternoon outing. There was a little bit of everything from food samples of products sold in their store, to local bakeries, cafés and cosmetics.

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

Weavers Way itself had plenty of prepared food such as vegan tuna salad, cole slaw, soy yogurt with fresh berries, apple sauce, juice, as well as branded vegan cold cuts, cheeses, baked tofu, cookies, protein shakes, etc. that varied throughout the afternoon. They also had a grill outside and were grilling up Field Roast sausages, Asherah’s Gourmet quinoa burgers (locally produced in Doylestown, PA), and vegetarian hot dogs, all fairly priced.

Sweet Freedom Bakery – sampled their delicious vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They had three different type of goodies for sale. Of course we bought some to take home and munch on later 🙂

Little Jimmies – had some delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes, cookies and fig walnut Rugelach. They’re not an all vegan business but we really appreciate them having vegan yummies for us.

Amy’s – sampled their vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. We can’t find any at our local stores but they assure us the east coast will soon be stocked.

Fitbliss Organics – had their cruelty-free moisturizers, made with mostly locally sourced ingredients. I really liked the unique ingredient combinations. Chocolate Almond was my favorite, even though I’m a sucker for lavender.

Get Real Get Raw – sampled green smoothies, told us about their wonderful program to bring healthful food choices to local schools and was also promoting HipCityVeg, a clean vegan fast food eatery opening in April in Philly.

Nwenna Kai – was promoting her raw/live food cookbook “the Goddess of Raw Foods”. I snagged an autographed copy for myself and can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

Leaping Bunny – gave out some nice samples of perfume, lip gloss, deodorant, tooth paste, moisturizers and other goodies, all cruelty- and animal product-free.

Hempzels – sampled their delicious hemp hard and soft pretzels made in Lancaster County, PA. They even had a super yum gluten-free soft pretzel. Sadly their hemp mustard has honey in it, so only dry pretzels for us (which held their own pretty well). We’ll have to introduce them to Bee-Free Honee and solve that problem 😉 They also had hemp jellies, jams and unhulled seeds that make for a nice crunchy snack.

It was a great outing and nice to see so many local vendors.

Photography by Jeff Goodwin

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