Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – Philly Burbs

It finally feels like spring here in southeastern PA and that makes us feel like dancing, singing and eating lots of good vegan food. So I decided it’s time for another Vegan Gastronomy tour of our beloved keystone state.

A few weeks back I contributed to Vance Lemkuhl’s article “Vegan dining in the Philly ‘burbs” on Reading the final article gave me some ideas on where I wanted to go to explore some Philly burb eateries. Hang in there, ’cause we were all over the map.


Who says the weekend has to start on Saturday? Mauro and I decided kick it off on Thursday by having lunch at the new, and only, vegan spot in Doylestown, PA (Bucks County), Doc Baker’s Farmulations. Mauro and I have been there several times since they opened in late March —review and photos coming soon— and we love how fresh the food is.

They have a huge list of fresh, cold pressed juice and smoothie formulations (Angelo, the owner used to be a pharmacist) and some appetizers, sandwiches and raw desserts. Their menu items are a mix of raw and lightly heated foods, everything is vegan, organic, soy-free and as local as possible.

We had and nice, filling lunch. We shared an appetizer (blue corn chips with guacamole, a raw hummus and cashew cream), the Moroccan and Fiesta wrap (we swapped half of each), two juices —Sucker Punch and Monkey Bite—, and shared a white chocolate raw cheesecake. The portions were larger than what we’ve gotten on previous visits, so we were pretty stuffed by the time we were done.


TGIF and dinner with good friends. Yes, please. A friend of ours suggested we try Mad Mex since they have a large selection of vegan offerings. I’d been meaning to go there since they opened their Willow Grove (Montgomery County) location, so we gave it a shot. We’re not huge fans of going to chain restaurants —we like to support small, local businesses— but we were pleasantly surprised with everything about our experience. There were at least a dozen menu items to choose from (probably more, I didn’t count them), most vegetarian items can be made vegan by subbing with Daiya cheese and Tofutti sour cream. They even have a vegan dessert on the menu. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about what could be made vegan and she wasn’t annoyed that we were asking tons of questions or kept confirming that what we wanted would be all vegan.

When we got our food everything was great. No mix-ups, no meat, no trouble. The portions are huge and all of our dishes were delicious with tons of flavor. The dessert was delicious, too. We’ll definitely go there again.


On Saturday we had to make a special trip out to West Chester (Chester County) to our favorite board game store for a game auction. The store’s a bit of a hike for us, so why not stop by a few other places out that way.

A hungry vegan couple’s gotta eat and we had been meaning to try Vgë Café (Philadelphia County) since they opened a year ago. We’d heard a lot of good things about them. All true. Read more about it in the dedicated post.

I dropped Mauro off at the store and headed to the Artisan Exchange, just a few blocks away. I really wanted to try the raw fudge listed in the article, but I also wanted to see what other vegan yummies were available. Read the full post, see how I made out and what I got for the delicious Sunday lunch pictured below. Getting hungry, again.

Many hours elapsed, all that driving around, exploring, treasure hunting (I even got a folding table and 4 matching chairs from a garage clearing for free!), auction selling and bidding, and what do you know? It’s dinner time! We made a little detour from our usual itinerary home and stopped by our favorite spot in Malvern, SuTao Café. We stuffed our faces, once again, with delicious food from their 100% vegan buffet. We had the pleasure of dining with the lovely Lee Hall, the perfect wrap-up to another foodilicious Vegan Gastronomy weekend!

Do you go all out in search of vegan delights where you live? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it. We’re always traveling around and would love to get the scoop on other towns and great finds.

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