Vegan Gastronomy – D.C./Baltimore 2011

We took a recent trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore to try out some more vegan goodness for another issue of Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. ‘Cause you know our motto “We stuff our faces with vegan yummies so you don’t have to”.

Founding Farmers – D.C.

Kickstarting our weekend of gluttony taste-testing at a favorite spot, Founding Farmers, for dinner.  We had been there a year before, when we went to The Green Festival in D.C. and launched our very first Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. We were so awe-struck that we couldn’t wait for a chance to come back for seconds.

Note: They’re not a vegan restaurant, but have an awesome vegan menu and some pretty creative spicy cocktails. Our favorite menu items are the Tofu ‘n Chips and the BBQ “Chicken” & Slaw Sandwich.

The only downside is that they don’t have any vegan desserts, boohoo. No worries, we took care of our sugar fix the following day.

Sticky Fingers – D.C.

Nothing like starting off your day with a breakfast of champions at, 100% vegan, Sticky Fingers Sweets and & Eats. We had never been to Sticky Fingers before and could hardly wait to sink our teeth into their scrumptious menu items. We had an awesome brunch, as you can see below, all the breakfast items were really good. The “tuna” melt was especially good and really hit the spot (wow, my mouth is watering just remembering how good it was).

We also stocked up on desserts for the trip back. They were pretty good, although we like Vegan Treats a little better (thankfully they’re a stone-throw away from us) with one exception, the cheesecake. Sticky Finger’s cherry cheesecake rocked our world.

The only downside, aside from hard to find parking, is that we thought they were a bit pricey across the board. Totally worth it nonetheless.

Update:Sticky Fingers let us know there’s parking available a block away, right behind Target (on the 1400 block of Park Rd), and also by the Metro.

Sticky Rice – Baltimore

On our way back home we needed to stop somewhere to refuel. A google search landed us at Sticky Rice in Baltimore, MD. Sticky Rice isn’t a vegan restaurant but has plenty of clearly marked vegan options on their menu. The staff was pretty knowledgeable in helping us make our selections, which is always a plus.

Our meals came out quickly and were all really good. We all agreed we’d go back there next time we’re in Baltimore.

For more vegan eatery options in Washington D.C. and Baltimore read our DC VegFest 2011 post and our first Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – D.C.

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