Vaute Couture Fall and Winter Fashion Show

I went to the Vaute Couture fall and winter fashion show on February 6, 2013. Leanne put out some amazing, beautiful clothes. There were a lot of vegan celebrities there including, Jasmin and Mary Ann from Our Hen HouseChef Chloe CoscarelliJoshua Katcher from The Discerning Brute and Brave Gentleman, Victoria Moran from Main Street Vegan, Danielle Konya from Vegan Treats, and Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary.

At 11:30 everyone was led into the space and asked to stand close to the walls. Attendants soon came by with platters of vegan treats. The models started entering the room about noon and took their place on the eleven platforms in the center of the room. After they were all in place we could get a closer look at the clothes.

There were twenty-two looks:

  1. Lilac Organic Velvet Winter Blazer with Sky Ramie Leggings
  2. Waxed Jumper, Ramie Leggings, Washi Sweater Tec
  3. Recycled Satin Magical Heart Dress with detachable Bow & optional heat cutout
  4. Organic Velvet Whitman Coat with Organic Sherpa Turtleneck & waxed pants
  5. Organic Star Party Button Down with Cobalt Moleskin Pants & Washi V Cardigan
  6. Organic Velvet Overalls with Organic Star Party Blouse
  7. Cobalt Moleskin Mercury Coat with bow
  8. Organic Elephant Blouse with Unisex Washi V Cardigan and Organic Velvet Skirt
  9. Ramie Star Tee with Organic Velvet Pants
  10. Organic Velvet Luna Coat
  11. MEOW or NEVER Organic Sweatshirt with Ramie Leggings
  12. Navy Moleskin Moon Coat, Ramie Turtleneck and Moleskin Pants
  13. Charcoal Moleskin Nightfall Coat with Zip Off Skirt
  14. Recycled Satin Pant with Ramie Tee and Waxed Motorcycle Jacket
  15. Waxed James Jacket over Bamboo FUR GET ME NOT tee and waxed pants
  16. Waxed James Jacket over Cobalt MEOW or NEVER tee and ramie leggings
  17. Organic Velvet Starshine Fit & Flare Dress
  18. Organic Velvet Lilac Shooting Star Coat
  19. Recycled Luna Blouse with Waxed Skirt
  20. Moleskin Quilted Emily Coat with Zip Off Hood
  21. Milky Way Washi Sweater Dress with tie
  22. Organic Sherpa Turtleneck with Waxed Pant

The clothes were made from organic velvet, organic moleskin, 100% recycled closed loop zero waste satin, printed organic cotton shirting, organic cotton sherpa, organic cotton fleece, waxed canvas made upstate, bamboo jersey, washi paper knits, ramie knits, metallic vegan leather made of recycled fibers from Ultrasuede, and knits handknit with organic cotton fibers. They were produced in NYC’s fashion district except the knits, which were made in Maine.

I am looking forward to buying some new clothes from Vaute Couture in the Fall.

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