TofuXpress & ChefXpress – Review

Disclosure: TofuXpress sent me the products featured in this post to review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Anyone who eats tofu regularly knows the routine all too well: sandwich the block of tofu between two cutting boards or plates and pile up a ton of heavy stuff on top of it to press out the water. That process is messy, precarious and antiquated. We now live in an era when the interwebs supplies us with several tofu press options to make the pressing process more convenient—and we love it.

TofuXpress is one of these nifty gadgets that makes our cooking routine easier. The advantage of TofuXpress is that it’s a multipurpose tool that can be used for pressing tofu, of course, but also can be used in the making of vegan cheese (to press out excess water) and the removable base and and clear container can double as a marinating container with a lid to season tofu after you’ve pressed it. I love this functionality of the piece. The container is just a touch bigger than a block of tofu which means I don’t need to make and waste a whole ton of marinade. It’s so convenient and frugal.

The press I received for review came with 2 pressure coils, one for stronger pressure (for firmer blocks of tofu) and one for lighter pressure. I found that the stronger coil wasn’t as strong as I’d like it to be for the firm Fresh Tofu Inc. tofu I buy. I realize this brand of tofu is firmer than Nasoya and West Soy so perhaps the press was made with those brands in mind. The latter brands also have several types of tofu, form soft to firm, hence the two gauges of pressure.

All-in-all I really like this press and it’s multipurpose uses. It doesn’t take up too much space, is easy to clean (it’s dishwasher safe) and is made of good quality components. I’ve had mine for a few months and it looks like it will hold up well.

With the press I also received a packet of cheese cloth (not pictured), which I will be using when I make my next batch of nut cheese, and a set of 4 ChefXpress powdered seasoning mixes: Veggie Broth, Roasted Garlic & Bell Pepper, Lemony Dill Zip and Cheesy Sprinkles. All vegan and delicious! We’ve used them to season tofu and popcorn, sprinkled over spaghetti with tomato sauce, spruced up dishes that were lacking flavor—not my cooking, obviously 😉 —, etc. They worked well in dishes I was prepping from scratch and precooked dishes. I like that they’re well balanced, not overpowering and can be easily dosed to increase flavor.

What I like the best about the press and the seasonings is that they’re made by a local family business in Ambler, PA. Marie Kraft, the owner, is a delightful person and is so passionate about her product.

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