Review: Luca Chiara vegan wallet

I’ve switched from your regular, bulky wallets to small, compact ones many years ago, and never regretted it. I used to collect all sorts of things in my wallet (cards, business cards, random bits of paper, receipts, etc) but now, all I have is the bare minimum: driver’s license, a couple of credit cards, health insurance card, a few bills. It’s light in my pocket and doesn’t cause back problems. So when Luca Chiara contacted us offering one of their vegan... Read More

TofuXpress & ChefXpress – Review

Anyone who eats tofu regularly knows the routine all too well: sandwich the block of tofu between two cutting boards or plates and pile up a ton of heavy stuff on top of it to press out the water. That process is messy, precarious and antiquated. We now live in an era when the interwebs supplies us with several tofu press options to make the pressing process more convenient—and we love it. TofuXpress is one of these nifty gadgets that makes our cooking routine easier. The advantage... Read More

SunWarrior Review

We’re not into taking supplements. We take our B12 and a vegan D3 (mostly in the winter when we don’t get much sun) and an occasional protein smoothie when we’re lifting heavy. So when SunWarrior offered to send me samples of their products, I decided to see what it was all about. I thought SunWarrior only made raw, vegan protein powders and I wanted to see how it compared to the one we currently use, but I found out they have so much more than just protein.... Read More

Unstitched Utilities – Review

#gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-3 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Women’s FastLane in Limestone/Creamsicle Women’s FastLane in Limestone/Creamsicle Women’s... Read More

Journey Bar Product Review & Giveaway

I’ve been working on cutting out added sugars from my diet, wherever possible, for several years now. Not that I don’t like sugar, but mostly because 1) I don’t feel my best when I have too much of it, 2) I have a desk job and don’t move around much during working hours, 3) there’s too much of it in everything and that’s just not good health-wise, and last but not least, 4) I just ramped up my workout routine this year and the less sugary stuff... Read More

Sneaky Pete’s Review & Giveaway

Sneaky Pete’s yummy flavors Sneaky Pete’s Review I don’t really drink packaged beverages all that much anymore. I cut out soda well over a decade ago and started cutting out other sweet beverages a little over 5 years ago. I find that most packaged juice are mostly sugar (empty calories, and usually a lot of them) with no added benefit. Since I sit in an office all day that really matters. I try to limit my calories to delicious foods I need for sustenance—chocolate... Read More

Product Review: Apinya Thai Sauce

There are so many hot sauces on the market, and at the market for that matter, nowadays it’ll make your head spin. The varieties are endless, from mild and yummy sauces you just want to put on everything to the super-duper-ultra-blow-your-lid-off ghost habañero sauces. If you like spicy foods, chances are you already have your favorite(s). Mauro and I have a small sampling of our favorites, on the ready, in our fridge at all times. We’ve built up a good tolerance... Read More

Food Review: Route 11 Potato Chips

I am addicted to these chips. The first time I had them was in the restaurant down stairs in my building and every time I went down for lunch I had to have them. It got so bad the restaurant said they weren’t going to carry them and I ordered a case from Route 11. They have select potatoes, peanut oil and/or high monounsaturated sunflower oil, dehydrated cane juice, salt, paprika, garlic powder, spices, natural smoke flavor, with not more than 2% silicon dioxide and soybean... Read More

Food Review: Populence Vegan Popcorn

I was reading an article about how Populence had created a vegan Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn. They are located in New York City with a storefront on 8th Street in Greenwich Village. All of their popcorns are vegan except Jalapeno Cheddar, which is not quite true. The Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc uses fining agents contains Micronized potassium casseinate (casein is milk protein), food grade gelatin, egg albumin and other food grade components. #gallery-5 { margin: auto; } #gallery-5... Read More

Food Review: Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

I was listening to the Our Hen House podcast and they were talking about trying jerky from Morels The Vegan Butcher. They have since changed their name to Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. and you can like them on Facebook. As a former meat eater, jerky used to be one of my favorite snacks. I loved the spicy smoky flavor of beef jerky. There are also Primal strips, which are good, but are slimy and don’t really capture the texture and flavor of beef jerky.                                 I... Read More