Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – NY

Last January the From A to Vegan crew headed out to NYC for a weekend of observation, art illumination, professional enrichment and vegan degustation. The main motivator for our trip was that Chris and I were attending the “Amazing Seitan Workshop” at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  Going to NY in and of itself is an enrichment experience with all of the visual references, cultural diversity and general creativity needed to thrive in such a city, and we just can’t... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – D.C.

How it all started Long before we started this site James, Chris, Mauro and I started what I call Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. Whenever we have a trip to another town for conventions, classes or other enrichment purposes we plan an itinerary to hit as many vegan eateries (or restaurants that have vegan menus available) as possible. It all started out as an innocent exploration that has now become an integral, and fun, part of our travel plans. Nyota's Ting raw pistachio hemp... Read More