restaurant reviews: Charlie was a sinner. Philadelphia

Charlie was a sinner. is the new vegan bar by Nicole Marquis, owner of HipCityVeg. Michael Santoro, the chef, uses seasonal ingredients to make his bar friendly dishes. The menu is made up of small dish styles, including Soup & Salad, On Toast, Salty, Chargrilled, and Pan Roasted. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy: Toronto & Vegetarian Food Festival

We’ve been blogging about our camping trip to Ithaca and Toronto, with the Vegetarian Food Festival being final destination, for the past week. Here’s the penultimate post about our trip. Yes, there’s one more post coming. We had never been to Toronto before, so we were really looking forward to it. We’d heard so many stories on how veg-friendly it is and wanted to see it for ourselves and report back to you. It’s all true! To be honest with you,... Read More

I Heart Chowdah: A Weekend Gastronomy Tour of Southern New England

New England is one of my favorite parts of this country. I love the cool fall weather, the great beaches, the people, and the food. It’s where I spent my college years and where I have many great memories. Recently, James and I decided to take a weekend trip up to New England to visit some friends, see some sites, and sample some vegan food. We started in Rhode Island and stayed in Providence, where I went to school many years ago. The city itself has changed from gritty to... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – Philly Burbs

It finally feels like spring here in southeastern PA and that makes us feel like dancing, singing and eating lots of good vegan food. So I decided it’s time for another Vegan Gastronomy tour of our beloved keystone state. A few weeks back I contributed to Vance Lemkuhl’s article “Vegan dining in the Philly ‘burbs” on Reading the final article gave me some ideas on where I wanted to go to explore some Philly burb eateries. Hang in there,... Read More

Is that wine vegan?

You would think that wine would be vegan. I mean, it is only fermented grapes right? Unfortunately, this is not the case; wines can contain blood and marrow, casein, shells, egg white albumin, fish oil, gelatin, or isinglass and they do not need to be put the ingredients on the label. These ingredients are used to remove protein, yeast cloudiness, flavors, coloring, and particles that cloud the wine making it visually unappealing. This process is called fining and is used to give... Read More

Vegan Gatronomy Trip: London, UK

The day I received an email from my husband telling me we were going to London, I immediately got excited for another gastronomy trip. I’m so fortunate to have so many food options where I live (and some great restaurants, too) that I wondered if the United Kingdom would offer those same alternatives. I found a great web site, Vegan London, and started looking for ideas. My goal was to try to find some great restaurants but to also try to stay close to our hotels (we stayed... Read More

Southern Vegan Gastronomy Tour—Wilmington, NC

We last visited Jim’s parents in North Carolina about a year and a half ago. It was during the summer and the perfect time to be at the beach. When we decided to go for the holidays this year, the first thing I thought of was to search for great vegan food, since we weren’t vegan last time we visted. Vegan isn’t the first word I would associate with North Carolina, home to the country’s largest pork producer. In fact, there just aren’t a lot of choices upon first glance... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy – D.C./Baltimore 2011

We took a recent trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore to try out some more vegan goodness for another issue of Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. ‘Cause you know our motto “We stuff our faces with vegan yummies so you don’t have to”. Founding Farmers – D.C. Kickstarting our weekend of gluttony taste-testing at a favorite spot, Founding Farmers, for dinner.  We had been there a year before, when we went to The Green Festival in D.C. and launched our very... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Sweet Tour – NYC

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Vegan Gastronomy Weekend, where “We eat every vegan yum in sight so you don’t have to”. We decided to make this one really sweet since it was Chris‘ birthday weekend. Why not celebrate in style by hitting some great eateries and as many sweet spots as possible in NYC, she proposed. Game on! Day 1 First Stop – Caravan of Dreams We started our Vegan Gastronomy Sweet Tour by priming our bellies with a... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – Philadelphia

photo from Blackbird Pizza For our ongoing Vegan Gastronomy Weekend series we decided to keep it local and explore the vegan-aware region we live in. This was an extra special weekend with a birthday and a wedding anniversary so we decided to start hitting our favorite vegan spots on Friday instead of Saturday. If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, and want to explore surrounding counties, we have quite an itinerary for you. Day 1 James kicked off our weekend with lunch... Read More