Veganize It! Cookbook Review

Have you ever you ever wished there were a book with all your favorite pre-vegan dishes? Well, there are actually lots of vegan cookbooks like that on the market these days. “So what’s so special about Veganize It! by Robin Robertson?”, you may ask.  If you don’t know Robin Robertosn, google her and you’ll find a seemingly endless list of vegan cookbooks she’s published. Robin makes everything easy with nonsense instructions that anyone... Read More

Vegan Under Pressure Review & Giveaway

Can you feel the pressure? Can you? The title of this new book sounds like the story of my life lately, but luckily it’s just a good ol’ pressure cooker cookbook. Vegan Under Pressure* is a new cookbook by Jill Nussinow, MS, RDN, aka The Veggie Queen. Jill is a veteran pressure cooker cook (see our review of The New Fast Food) and she whips up all sorts of healthful foods and desserts in this new book. If you’re new to pressure cooking, fret not, Jill covers... Read More

Almond Milk Cookbook Review & Give-away

We’re at the golden age of plant-based milks. Most supermarkets in the US now carry at least one type of plant milk. Be it coconut, almond, soy or rice, for the basic types, or cashew, flax, oat, hemp, sunflower, or quinoa for the not so common varieties. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, but you get the point. “Ditch the dairy without giving up milk”. I’ll drink, eat with cereal and use in recipes any type of plant-based milk, but almond milk has... Read More

Vegan-Ease Review, Recipe & Give-away

The Jazzy Vegetarian, Laura Theodore, is at it again with her new cookbook Vegan-Ease*, An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet. Note the emphasis on “Easy”. In this new book Laura focuses on delivering scrumptious, vegan recipes that are quick and easy to make. The book is a nice, glossy hard cover with 4-color photos of most of the recipes. I know most people like to see photos of the food they’re going to prepare. This book has plenty of them. The recipes... Read More

Teff Love – Review & Recipe

Ethiopian food is one our favorites here at From A to Vegan, right  along with Indian, Moroccan and Kenyan. The flavors are so wonderful and complex due to the variety of spices used to make their flavored oils, berbere and sauces. And it’s extremely vegan friendly. In Kittee Berns’s new cookbook, Teff Love, we get the all exclusive vegan experience of Ethiopian cuisine, and it’s quite a treat. What I Liked About Teff Love Kittee gives us a brief description... Read More

The PlantPure Nation – Review, Recipe & Giveaway

The PlantPure Nation Cookbook is a new book by Kim Campbell. It’s been launched as a companion cookbook to the new documentary directed by her husband, Nelson Campbell, the oldest son of T. Collin Campbell’s (a name most vegans would recognize). The movie and book are part of a campaign to create more awareness in the general public of the benefits of a plant-based diet. You can read about the reasoning and motivation behind the making of the movie on their... Read More

Nutrition CHAMPS – Recipe & International Giveaway

Back in 2013, Jill Nussinow, MS, RD, aka The Veggie Queen™, pressure cooker maven and author of The New Fast Food, contacted me and asked if I’d like to submit three recipes for her upcoming cookbook, Nutrition CHAMPS*. Wow! I was flattered beyond words. Only later did I find out who else was collaborating in this cookbook: Jill Nussinow, of course, Fran Costigan (my dessert idol), Dreena Burton, Victoria Moran, Jason Wyrick, Robin Robertson, Miyoko Schinner, and a big... Read More

Free Vegan Books for Kindle

Interested in a free vegan books for your Kindle? Check out our list: The Alkaline Diet Spiced Up!: 50+ Amazing Asian Alkaline (100% Vegan) Recipes for Weight Loss and Wellness My Sweet Vegan: Delicious Vegan Cookie Recipes Veggie Delights Vegan Kids: How To Raise Healthy Vegan Children And Keep Them On The Right Track Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes: Christmas recipes Why We Should Go Vegan The Skinny Delicious Cookbook: Over 250 Mouthwatering Recipes  Read More

Vegan Casseroles – Review & Giveaway

Before I get on with the review for Julie Hasson’s Vegan Casseroles*, I have a couple of confessions to make. 1) I love one-dish wonders/casseroles. They’re hearty, comforting and make the house smell great when you’re baking them. They’re also great to take to potlucks and holiday parties. 2) I have a soft spot in my heart for Julie Hasson. She’s a sweet the sweetest person ever and she makes amazingly delicious vegan food. When I was transitioning... Read More

Plant Power Cookbook by Nava Atlas – Review

I’m a big fan of Nava Atlas’ cookbooks. I had a few in my bookcase already and love how straight-forward and easy to make her recipes are. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Nava in person last year, and again this year, and found that we have the same style of cooking. Her books are so intuitive to me, but I also found that they’re intuitive, period. When I received my copy of Plant Power: Transform Your Kitchen, Plate, and Life with More Than 150 Fresh... Read More