Bloggers Launch Kickstarter for All-Vegan Convenience Store in Philadelphia

V Marks the Shop LLC to Serve Community, Compassion & Convenience V Marks the Shop LLC has launched a round of crowdfunding through to create an all-vegan convenience store in Philadelphia, PA. The purpose to bring a message of “Community. Compassion. Convenience” to the City of Brotherly Love by selling 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, ranging from food to home goods. The goal is to raise $50,000 by January 1, 2016. The team behind V Marks the Shop... Read More

Tips for Omnivores Dating Vegans

Omni on Vegan: Tips for Omnivores Guest Post by Ayindé Howell and Zoë Eisenberg You’re not a vegan. And let’s face it: you may never call yourself a vegan. If you’re down to date a vegan, then good for you. The reality is, once it’s past the fun hook-up-on-a-Friday-night phase, and past the awkward “soooo, what are we?” phase, and into the comfy “we” are an “us” phase, then it’s time to know how to handle your vegan. With infatuation comes a willingness... Read More

PositiviTea – Verona, NJ

So last year, our friends Dianne and Dennis had been posting pics of this unbelievably luscious, double-decker vegan burger (The Big Wac) from newly opened PositiviTea in Verona, NJ. For the longest time, all I could do was drool and live vicariously through them. The Montclair/Verona/West Orange region of North Jersey is home to a vibrant vegan community and some great vegan food. It’s about a two hour hike for us, but, as most of us vegans do, we will travel for good vegan... Read More

Top 10 Highlights of Vida Vegan Con 2013

Vida Vegan Con (VVC) is a conference, geared toward vegan bloggers, but you don’t have to be vegan or a blogger to attend. Rightfully named “the vegan love fest” (love fest as in spreading the love, not an orgy) after the first one in 2011, which we sadly missed. This year’s conference was held from May 24-26 in Portland, OR. Where Do I Even Begin? I could go on and on about the sessions, the people, the food and how it all brought back whimsical memories of berry... Read More

We too went to Portland!

It seems everybody has been busy writing about Vida Vegan for the past couple of weeks. At this point, there’s very little left unsaid about the convention itself, I think, so I’m mostly going to just talk about our trip to Portland (there will be a Gastronomy Trip follow-up soon and possibly a separate restaurant review or two. Stay tuned). So, Portland. Here’s a summary: [box title=”Portland at a glance” color=”#e0361b”] Pros: Vegan... Read More

Compassion Over Killing in 2012

Compassion Over Killing has posted the video below highlighting their achievements for the year. If you donate by December 31, 2012, your donation will be matched up to $60,000 and if you donate $100 you will receive a box of all-vegan milk chocolate truffles. There successes for 2012 include: Undercover Video Prompts USDA to Shut Down Slaughter Plant Subway Campaign Progress Animal Cruelty Lawsuit Settled; Hatchery Ceases Operation Cruelty at Pig Breeding Factory Farm Exposed Millions... Read More

Vegan Food Swap – October 2012

A few months ago a saw a post from VeggieGirl about a vegan food swap. You send someone a box of vegan goodies and you receive a box of vegan goodies from someone else. I was intrigued and excited to participate. I love food (can you tell?) and surprises. Pair the two together and I’m one happy girl 🙂 The food swap is organized by Cat from The Verdant Life.  It’s a great way to connect with other vegans across the country and try food that you may not be available... Read More

Interview with Jamie K

Jaime K. is the powerful voice behind the blog Save The Kales! and the new TV series by the same name. Jaime has been spreading her warmth and kind spirit around the Lehigh Valley in PA for some time now, so it’s no surprise that she’s now being recognized as a rising rock star in the larger vegan community. Both her blog and her show are inviting, imaginative, and inspiring. One can’t help but fall in love with her through her words. If you still haven’t checked out,... Read More

How to start your own vegan potluck

If you love cooking and sharing recipes, you might want to start your own vegan potluck. Here are some of my experiences and tips. In October 2009, my wife, Chris, and I started the Bucks County Vegan Supper Club. Our first dinner was in December and one couple showed up. My first idea was that the group would learn to make a vegan dish together. We made Moroccan Cooked Tomato and Green Pepper Salad with a Moroccan Vegetable Tangine. It took a lot longer to cook the meal than... Read More

Barbecue Tips to Make it Vegan Friendly

How do I host a vegan barbecue? It is that time of year when Americans start breaking out the barbecue grill. If the guests eat meat, then this can be a nightmare for a vegan. If you are hosting a BBQ and a friend or family member is vegan then you can easily make your barbecue party vegan friendly. I used to play volleyball on Sundays and after the games the host would have an outdoor barbecue. This was quite disgusting to me. There were so many dead animals on the grill including... Read More