I Heart Chowdah: A Weekend Gastronomy Tour of Southern New England

New England is one of my favorite parts of this country. I love the cool fall weather, the great beaches, the people, and the food. It’s where I spent my college years and where I have many great memories. Recently, James and I decided to take a weekend trip up to New England to visit some friends, see some sites, and sample some vegan food. We started in Rhode Island and stayed in Providence, where I went to school many years ago. The city itself has changed from gritty to... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy – D.C./Baltimore 2011

We took a recent trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore to try out some more vegan goodness for another issue of Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. ‘Cause you know our motto “We stuff our faces with vegan yummies so you don’t have to”. Founding Farmers – D.C. Kickstarting our weekend of gluttony taste-testing at a favorite spot, Founding Farmers, for dinner.  We had been there a year before, when we went to The Green Festival in D.C. and launched our very... Read More

Restaurant Review: Asian vegan options in Southeastern PA

Lydia and I love Asian food. I, in particular, would happily eat Chinese food every day of the week. So, of course, having good vegan options when it comes to Asian food is very important to us. Fortunately, finding vegan food in Asian restaurants is usually not too difficult. Any neighborhood Chinese restaurant, for example, will have a selection of vegetable and tofu dishes and some will even have “mock” beef and chicken dishes made with seitan. Here are some good... Read More

Restaurant Review – Honey, Doylestown, PA

(Apologies for the crummy pics, we forgot our camera and had to rely on our camera phone. Onward and upward!) One of our favorite local restaurants when we were vegetarians is Honey in Doylestown, PA. It was just one of those sad stories, we loved their food but they don’t do vegan, or so we thought. We used to dine there somewhat frequently when we were vegetarians but stopped going altogether when we became vegan. Most of their dishes contain some sort of meat or dairy,... Read More