Fracking Killing Livestock

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting livestock in near oil-and-gas drilling operations are becoming sick and dying. These animals are being poisoned through the air, water, and air. Livestock experiences neurological, reproductive and acute gastrointestinal problems after being exposed. This is an early warning that these poisons could find their way into milk and meat products. The Food Safety Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture isn’t looking... Read More

The Chip Factory – Pipersville, PA

This past weekend was the much awaited grand opening of Brad’s Raw Foods Chip Factory. An all raw/vegan business that’s growing and expanding into a health and wellness resource for the community is a really big deal for our little corner of suburban PA. I’ve been buying Brad’s awesome chips (the naked kale is my favorite) since he first started. I couldn’t be more excited that his business boomed so quickly and has opened an official hub only 10... Read More

Restaurant Review: The Honey Underground – Hereford, PA

In early Celtic literature, the carrot is referred to as “The Honey Underground”. Mauro and I finally had the opportunity to go to one of The Honey Underground’s brunches on Easter Sunday. I had heard so many good things about it but just never got around to going there. It’s about a one-hour drive for us, so we had to make it a date to actually go. We had, however, already tried Wendy Landiak’s (proprietor and chef) Balasia Café dishes at a catered... Read More

Restaurant Review: HipCityVeg

Philadelphia has a chance to become the next great vegan city. We already have Vedge, my favorite restaurant in the country. There is also Black Bird Pizza, Sweet Freedom Bakery, several Asian restaurants, and now HipCityVeg.  Nicole Marquis, the former general manager of Horizons, has opened a fast food joint. Nicole and her head chef, Lauren Hooks, have designed a menu that will satisfy vegans as well as carnivores. The restaurant opened on April 16 and was really busy with... Read More

Weavers Way Vegan Fest

Yesterday the From A to Vegan crew headed down to Mt. Airy, a quick drive for us, to Weavers Way Vegan Fest. Weavers Way is one of the oldest grocery store-style co-ops in the region. I have a little soft spot for them because I’m on the board of a soon-to-be co-op (Doylestown Food Co-op) that aspires to do a lot of community and education work Weavers Way does. They’re a true model of what a co-op should be — enriching their community, supporting other co-ops in... Read More

Restaurant Review: Asian vegan options in Southeastern PA

Lydia and I love Asian food. I, in particular, would happily eat Chinese food every day of the week. So, of course, having good vegan options when it comes to Asian food is very important to us. Fortunately, finding vegan food in Asian restaurants is usually not too difficult. Any neighborhood Chinese restaurant, for example, will have a selection of vegetable and tofu dishes and some will even have “mock” beef and chicken dishes made with seitan. Here are some good... Read More

Review: Sprig & Vine

Sprig & Vine is the best vegan restaurant we have close by, and it’s a pretty darn good restaurant period. For that reason we end up going there A LOT (oh, the sacrifices we make) for birthdays, anniversaries, Sunday brunch, our Breakfast with Gene Baur event or just because. It’s no accident that it’s our favorite local spot and that the food is so good, though. Ross Olchvary, the owner and chef, was a sous chef and chef de cuisine at Horizons (now reopened... Read More

Review: Steak And Hoagie Factory in Doylestown, PA

OMNOMNOM We got word from a friend that the Steak And Hoagie Factory in Doylestown is now offering a vegan steak hoagie, so Lydia and I met there for lunch a couple of days ago to try it out. The kid that was taking our order wasn’t too happy and seemed to be really pissed off at us for asking questions, rolling his eyes and sounding exasperated — it was a real turn-off and we actually thought about cancelling our order and leaving. The older guy at the grill, however,... Read More

Restaurant Review – Honey, Doylestown, PA

(Apologies for the crummy pics, we forgot our camera and had to rely on our camera phone. Onward and upward!) One of our favorite local restaurants when we were vegetarians is Honey in Doylestown, PA. It was just one of those sad stories, we loved their food but they don’t do vegan, or so we thought. We used to dine there somewhat frequently when we were vegetarians but stopped going altogether when we became vegan. Most of their dishes contain some sort of meat or dairy,... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – Philadelphia

photo from Blackbird Pizza For our ongoing Vegan Gastronomy Weekend series we decided to keep it local and explore the vegan-aware region we live in. This was an extra special weekend with a birthday and a wedding anniversary so we decided to start hitting our favorite vegan spots on Friday instead of Saturday. If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, and want to explore surrounding counties, we have quite an itinerary for you. Day 1 James kicked off our weekend with lunch... Read More