Interview with Kiki Adami, Veganizer

  Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Podbean Kiki Adami Talks about her experience as a 12-year-old vegetarian, discovering veganism in college, and turning a meat eater’s paradise into a vegan restaurant, and becoming the veganizer. If you own a restaurant or want a want a restaurant veganized contactKiki Adami at the Veganizer. Kiki’s Favorite Things: Books: The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance Siddhartha How... Read More

NYC Winter Village, 2015 edition

We spent the November 7th and 8th weekend in New York City, where we got to go to a few different places — this is one of a few posts about this trip, so keep an eye out for them. Every year, Bryant Park organizes what they call their “Winter Village“, a collection of merchant stands of all kinds, plus a big ice skating rink. At least since last year, as it turns out, the organizer of the event is vegan, and so… the whole thing is amazingly vegan-friendly,... Read More

Restaurant Review – Ithaca, NY

Mauro and I have been wanting to go to Toronto for several years now, for several reasons —it’s extremely veg-friendly, there are some amazing farmers markets with yummy artisanal eats, it’s the host to the largest Veg Fest in North America (3 whole days of vegan demos, speakers and vendors), because we just love Canadia and Toronto is only an 8-hour drive from us. So we packed up our camper (more on vegan camping on Mauro’s post, coming soon) and headed out.... Read More

Fracking Killing Livestock

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting livestock in near oil-and-gas drilling operations are becoming sick and dying. These animals are being poisoned through the air, water, and air. Livestock experiences neurological, reproductive and acute gastrointestinal problems after being exposed. This is an early warning that these poisons could find their way into milk and meat products. The Food Safety Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture isn’t looking... Read More

The Seed – Ticket Give-away!

If you’re a regular From A to Vegan reader you know we love going to vegan events, trying new vegan products and eating good vegan food. We like it even better if we can do all that under one roof. We can hardly wait for The Seed – a vegan experience, a whole weekend of vegan everything coming up on June 16 & 17 in NYC. It’s going to be vegan cloud nine for us. See.. Eat.. Hear.. FEEL VEGAN.  Two days of vegan exploration await you. Nourish your taste buds... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Sweet Tour – NYC

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Vegan Gastronomy Weekend, where “We eat every vegan yum in sight so you don’t have to”. We decided to make this one really sweet since it was Chris‘ birthday weekend. Why not celebrate in style by hitting some great eateries and as many sweet spots as possible in NYC, she proposed. Game on! Day 1 First Stop – Caravan of Dreams We started our Vegan Gastronomy Sweet Tour by priming our bellies with a... Read More

Restaurant Review: Angelica Kitchen, NYC

In our failed attempt to go to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on April 3rd, we opted for a better option than waiting in a mile-long line in the cold. We decided to have a good hearty meal at Angelica Kitchen. We always let our stomachs lead the way and hardly ever go wrong. Angelica Kitchen is an unpretentious and low-key spot, with a nice ambiance for casual dining. We were in a large group, there were nine of us, and we could carry on a decent conversation and hear what... Read More

Review: Sacred Chow Vegan Bistro

Before meeting up with the lovely Our Hen House ladies for an interview, we stopped by Sacred Chow in New York’s West Village for a bite to eat. Earlier that day, we had eaten at V-Note so we weren’t very hungry; but we also didn’t want to waste the opportunity to check out an institution like Sacred Chow. It’s quite a skinny little space they have, and you can’t see the kitchen space at all unless you walk to the back of the restaurant. There were two other diners when... Read More

Restaurant Review: V-Note

V-Note is from the  creator of Blossom and Café Blossom and is within walking distance of Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When you enter the restaurant, there is seating for couples against the front windows and two large booths for larger parties. On the right hand side is a large bench that runs the length of the restaurant, with several tables for seating for two and four people. On the left side is more seating and a large bar with seating. All of the seating... Read More

Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – NY

Last January the From A to Vegan crew headed out to NYC for a weekend of observation, art illumination, professional enrichment and vegan degustation. The main motivator for our trip was that Chris and I were attending the “Amazing Seitan Workshop” at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  Going to NY in and of itself is an enrichment experience with all of the visual references, cultural diversity and general creativity needed to thrive in such a city, and we just can’t... Read More