Review: Ecolunchgear sandwich and snack bags

In October of 2010, we took a trip down to Washington, DC for the Greenfestival. This was the second trip to the festival for my family and the first for Lydia and Mauro. If you are at all interested in purchasing environmentally-friendly products or upgrading your home with more sustainable alternatives, this is a great event to check out. They have festivals all over the U.S. and usually alternate cities, so there’s a good chance there will be one somewhere fairly close to... Read More

Review: Men’s Hemp Sneaker by Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes: Hemp Sneaker Simple Shoes: Hemp Sneaker                     It is hard to find a decent pair of vegan sneakers. Most sneakers are made out of leather and luckily more and more companies are making vegan sneakers. I bought these shoes three years ago and they are really comfortable.  The only problem is that the tops still look great and the soles are starting to show wear and tear. My pair now can’t be worn... Read More

Review: Harveys Seatbelt Bags

I willingly admit I have an affinity for handbags. Some people like shoes, some like clothes—I’m that person who collects handbags. It’s comforting to me when I can contain my belongings in something cute and carry it around; and then find something else that’s cute and carry it around in that. I think it may be genetic as I’m sure I’ve passed this trait on to my 12-year-old daughter. Checkered Black and White Mini Messenger The first time I found Harveys seatbelt... Read More