Book Review: The Good Karma Diet by Victoria Moran

The first time I saw Victoria Moran was at Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA back in 2011. My family and I were there for the 3 day program and I saw Victoria every day; whether she was the master of ceremonies on the main stage or leading her own class, I could tell this woman had an abundance of energy. In the years since, Victoria has been incredibly busy—most notably as the founder and director of Main Street Vegan Academy, training and certifying vegan lifestyle coaches.... Read More

Becoming Vegan – Review

I’ve heard it from many people that when you become vegan you also have to become an expert in nutrition, because everybody you meet will ask you a multitude of questions about it and will expect you to know the answers. As far as my personal experience goes, I agree with that assertive. Obviously you are under no obligation to become an expert on the subject, but since our numbers are still fairly small, percent-wise, every vegan ends up as an informal ambassador for... Read More

Book review: The Vegan Cheatsheet

We received a copy of “The Vegan Cheat Sheet: Your Take-Everywhere Guide to Plant-based Eating“*, by Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey, so we could read and review it. The book is presented as a guide and reference for new vegans. It starts with what is veganism and why you should adopt a vegan diet, talks about some myths and misconceptions and then jumps into dietary advice and cooking ideas. Most of the book is comprised of recipes, but they also have sections on grains,... Read More

Book Review: Dating Vegans

We had the pleasure of meeting Anne Dinshah on a couple of occasions, Vegetarian Summerfest and CARE Veggie Fest. She’s peppy and energetic—the kind of person you just can’t help but like when you first meet them—and she will get your ass in shape if you ever meet her on the boot camp field at Summerfest. Unlike most vegans, Anne is a lifetime vegan, born and raised. Her son is the fourth generation of vegetarians/vegans in her family and that, to me, is most impressive. The... Read More

Review: Veganissimo A to Z

If you are like me and basically every single vegan I know, you read the ingredient labels of everything you buy, even when the package says “vegan”. Besides the obvious precautions to avoid consuming animal products by accident, a lot of vegans tend to develop an aversion to long, unreadable ingredient lists. So, when you’re faced with a label like the one in the picture below and you really want to buy that item, what do you do? Most people, unless they’re... Read More

‘Tis the Season to Give – Give-away

We’ve been posting a lot of great veg- and earth-friendly gift ideas for this holiday season. So what could be more earth-friendly than a digital magazine subscription? I’ve been a subscriber to Zinio digital magazine for 4 years and absolutely love taking ALL of my subscriptions with me wherever I go. They have thousands of magazine titles, including VegNews and Vegetarian Times. And now for the holidays, 300 select titles are available at up to 50% off. Other titles... Read More

Interview with Lee Hall, plus book give-away!

Buy the book at the Friends of Animals website The From A to Vegan crew went to the CARE Veggie Fest last June in West Chester, PA, where we had the opportunity to talk to Lee Hall, CARE’s Vice President. She is also the VP of Legal Affairs for Friends of Animals. We’ve known Lee for a while now and she is a all-around great person. Lee Hall takes a holistic approach to animal rights, where we have to look beyond simply making isolated choices and consider the greater... Read More

Book Review: Mad Cowboy by Howard F. Lyman

MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat by Howard F. Lyman is his story of transformation from dairy farmer and cattle rancher to going vegan. Mr. Lyman was a fourth generation dairy farmer and cattle rancher in Montana and is now the President of Voice for a Viable Future. Mr. Lyman’s organic dairy farm outside Great Falls, Montana was started by his grandfather and passed down through the generations to him and his brother. He grew up on the... Read More

Magazine review: “Revista dos Vegetarianos”, a Brazilian vegan magazine

Lydia and I were recently in Brazil, and this is part of a series of posts on veganism in Brazil. We were very pleased to find out that there is a Brazilian magazine for vegans, called “Revista dos Vegetarianos” (“The Vegetarian’s Magazine”). Despite the name, it is a vegan magazine, although there are a few ads for vegetarian (i.e. not 100% vegan) products and restaurants — they probably need the extra revenue since both the vegan community... Read More

Review: Whitewash by Joseph Koen

I love it when I pick up a book that I don’t want to put down. I had this experience reading Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health. Written by Joseph Koen, this well-researched book is virtually a must-read for anyone who wants to be informed about the American milk industry. It’s a comprehensive study of the main issues we are seeing with milk consumption today—contamination problems, the calcium myth, osteoporosis research, childhood illness,... Read More