I see just her eyes through the crack in the door. She has green eyes that show her determination and commitment. She is staring at me, deciding whether to come in. I lift my head, and she immediately bursts through the bedroom door.   She peppers me with questions: “What are you doing? Were you sleeping? Are you warm enough? Are you hungry? How do you feel? What do you want? Do you want a treat?” She tells me: “Get up, Tommy. Come on. Stretch. Eat. Eat. You... Read More

Interview with Rachel Black from The Humane League

Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Podbean On today’s podcast, I talk to Rachel Black who is the Philadelphia Grassroots Director for The Humane League. She is in charge of coordinating all of the work in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas. She is a graduate of Temple University and resides in Philadelphia. Rachel talks about her journey from becoming vegan to an internship with The Human League, and some  tips on how you can become involved in animal rights. Books: The... Read More

Vegan 2015 – Retrospect Video

PlantBasedNews.org made the awesome Vegan 2015 film below, a round-up of the giant strides veganism made this year. I must confess, on a daily basis it feels like we’re fighting an uphill battle for our fellow Earthlings. We want them to have the right to live their lives freely and not become someone’s dinner or torture outlet for other numerous animal-based products on the market, but this video restored a bit of hope that we are making a difference. We’ve... Read More

Vegan Street Artists

Throughout history activists have used art to get their message to the masses and incite change in the world around them. That’s still true today and the vegan movement has its own community of artistic activism that is hitting the streets to get the message out. My art in the streets is to communicate to viewers that enough is enough! That every sentient being is an individual whose life is of intrinsic value & that we do not have the right to exploit or harm those... Read More

Early Morning – An Essay by Karen Winkler

Good-bye, my dear friend.  It will be hard to be here without you.  We both are scraped and scarred from slipping on trails, and the deaths of loyal pets.   When we started volunteering together, we felt the same pull, and offered ourselves to the animals. We promised to keep them safe.  We watched countless dogs and cats take their freedom rides to new homes. I understand what made you quit.  It was the man who walked into the shelter dropping on the counter a Have-A-Heart... Read More

Daisy – An Essay by Karen Winkler

Daisy, a pretty petite pittie, was the first shelter dog I walked who was euthanized.  She was a good dog, but shelter life — with its constant noise, overpowering smells, and irregular schedule — was too much for her.  Daisy often spent the entire day jumping and spinning uninterrupted, and her hyper, erratic behavior was trying at best.  Some people thought Daisy behaved this way because she was housebroken and could not hold it a second longer; or perhaps she... Read More

Gene Baur on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Gene Baur talks about his new book Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive  Read More

Chalk Art & Bearing Witness at Toronto Pig Save Vigil

Photo of a sad and frightened pig taken at a Toronto Pig Save vigil in 2012 Pigs are some of our favorite animals. They’re smart, cute, and clean when not stuck in cages or styes. We were contacted by Anita Krajnc, from the Toronto Pig Save, and asked if we could help divulge the work they do trying to raise consciousness about the slaughter of these wonderful animals. TPS holds weekly vigils in Toronto (on Lake Shore and Strachan), about half a mile away from the egregiously... Read More

Movie Review: Madonna of the Mills

Madonna of the Mills is a documentary about Laura Flynn Amato, a Staten Island woman who spends her weekends driving to Lancaster County, PA, and rescuing dogs from puppy mills. It’s clear from the beginning of the movie that she has always has an affinity towards animals and is dedicated to making it her life’s mission to save as many dogs from the mills as possible (the film states that at the time it was made, Laura and her team had rescued about 2,000 dogs). Laura has... Read More

Friends of Animals

The non-profit Friends of Animals is working to end the cruelty and exploitation of animals around the world. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5DA5Ixp6GA] Mauro talks to Lee Hall about Friends of Animals, stopping the bird trade, and Primarily Primates. Primarily Primates is a non-profit sanctuary that houses, protects, and rehabilitates apes and monkeys. These primates are cast offs from the pet trade and research facilities. Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes  Read More