My First Year As A Vegan

In my first year as a vegan, I feel as though I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself and about other people. As I’ve heard many people say over the year, there was a time in my life when I never could have imagined myself living this lifestyle—but then again, I really had no idea what that even meant! I think I’ve proven to myself that following my heart and instinct is always the right way to live. Over the course of the year, I’ve co-founded this blog with my... Read More

We’re the Radicals

Is it me or are there more stories on the web lately about “reformed” vegetarians and vegans? My definition of reform must be different than others, as I’ve always thought of reform from another perspective (you know, beneficial change). As I’m always interested in words in general, I looked up reform in my trusty online dictionary (yes, I still use the hardcovered one too) and found this definition on Wikipedia—“Reform seeks to improve the system as it stands, never... Read More set up to fight HSUS

hu·mane adjective: characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed has a new TV ad campaign to dissuade people from giving money to Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). This web site was started by The Center for Consumer Freedom and is funded by restaurants and food companies. spends a lot of time saying that HSUS spends less than one percent of its funds raised... Read More

Why is that not vegan?

I am a quiet and shy guy, so asking a lot of questions at a restaurant is hard for me. As a vegetarian I could just look at the menu and see that there was no meat in the dish and I was good to go. Now that I have become vegan it has made me ask a lot of questions because chefs, restaurants, and food producers like to throw animal products in their food and even try to hide that they came from animals. At my company every year we go to the same restaurant for our department holiday... Read More

Giving thanks for helping animals

Many of you may have heard of Daniel, the beagle who survived a gas chamber in Alabama. I’ve been so moved by his story and encouraged at the response to his survival. In October 2011, five year-old Daniel was one of 18 dogs that were to be euthanized at a shelter in Florence, Alabama. It’s estimated that 3-4 million shelter animals are euthanized yearly in the United States. Only 19 states have a ban on the use of carbon monoxide for animal euthanasia. Somehow, in this case,... Read More

Review: A&E’s American Hoggers

We can thank explorers for discovering America—and we also have them to thank for introducing new species to our country as well. Cortes and de Soto brought us the wild boar, which is now considered to be an invasive species. A&E now brings us American Hoggers, an invasive species of redneck tv. I watched the show to try and understand what some people in Texas are doing to combat the wild boar problem. It’s hard to watch this show if you care about animal welfare. The... Read More

The fear of change

We’re all afraid of something. Those who know me realize that clowns are pretty much at the top of my list, followed by forced participation events at work and Carrot Top. Honestly, I get scared that we are digging our own graves on this planet and that there’s very little hope for humanity to change. I get discouraged by animal producers in Nebraska forming a political action group, people who buy into those celebrity milk ads, and that meatopia events even exist. Ignorant... Read More

Numbers or Individuals: A Perspective

Can you see these cows as more than numbers? It's all in your perspective. When you take a look at this photo, what do you see? If you’re like some people, you see 83, 41, 97, and 76 (the numbers on their ear tags) as random animals standing out in a field. It was interesting when Jim took this picture, the cows were all grazing quietly in their little space—and as we walked towards them, one by one, each lifted their heads and looked directly into our eyes. They allowed... Read More

The Price of Junk Food vs. Fresh Food

SOURCES:  Prices collected from on July 19, 2011 for area code 94720. Where possible, serving sizes and nutritional info taken from food label information available at Nutritional information for fresh/cooked foods taken from the USDA National Nutrient Database, based on typical serving sizes. Beverage weights in grams calculated with density information from      Read More

Jules Thin Crust Pizza – More Vegan Flavors

We all have our favorite lunch spots, be it pizza or sandwich place or even a Chinese restaurant. My favorite spot when I was a vegetarian was Jules Thin Crust. Jules has the best thin crust pizza, losing only to authentic thin crusts in Italy IMHO, made from mostly organic and local ingredients and toppings. It was my favorite lunch spot because they have so many flavors to choose from by the slice, it’s just pick up and go or choose a slice or two and enjoy the rest of... Read More