Vegan Gastronomy Weekend – D.C.


Long before we started this site JamesChrisMauro and I started what I call Vegan Gastronomy Weekend. Whenever we have a trip to another town for conventions, classes or other enrichment purposes we plan an itinerary to hit as many vegan eateries (or restaurants that have vegan menus available) as possible. It all started out as an innocent exploration that has now become an integral, and fun, part of our travel plans.

Our very first Vegan Gastronomy Weekend was last October in D.C., where we attended the Green Festival. For anyone who doesn’t know green/eco-friendly festivals are the best events to get your vegan eats. There were plenty of free goodies and samples of chocolate, energy bars etc. throughout the day, as well as an all vegetarian and vegan food court.

We started our explorations when we arrived the convention around lunch time on Saturday and went straight to the food court. There we found all sorts deliciousness ranging from salads and sandwiches to hot meals. James and I went for Nyota’s Ting (I think they’re from NY but don’t quote me on that) and had an awesome raw pistachio hemp “burger”. Mauro and Chris got sandwiches from other vendors but when Mauro tried some of mine he just had to go to Nyota’s and get their platter, which came with the burger, a rice pilaf and a kale avocado salad —all raw, amazingly flavorful and so satisfying.

For dinner we took a nice stroll to Founding Farmers, although not an all-vegan restaurant they have a separate all vegan menu (you have to ask for it). The two entrées that really stood out that night were the Tofu Fish & Chips and The BBQ “Chicken” (made with Gardein®) & Slaw Sandwich. I had the BBQ “Chicken”. I was totally blown away by it, tickled pink by its awesomeness and in total food ecstasy by the time I was done eating the last bite and licking all of my fingers. Mauro, to this day, regrets not having ordered the Tofu Fish & Chips, so eventually we’ll have to make the 3 hour drive to have another awesome meal. Another note worth mentioning is that they have a creative mixed drink and cocktail menu that will wake up your taste buds for the meal to follow.

The following morning, even though we were still stuffed from the night before, we had reservations for the latino dim sum brunch at Café Atlantico. (Note: although there isn’t a separate vegan menu they have a vegetarian tasting option and will cater to special dietary restrictions, just make sure to mention it when making reservations). So off we went to taste more amazing food. The tasting menu was amazing on a whole other level than the night before. The flavors were delicate, yet complex, and so surprising (I sound like one of the judges on the Japanese Iron Chef). Simply put, it was a delightful experience and a refreshing way to start off our day.

It was a short trip with a lasting impression that has left us hungry for more. Keep checking our site for other Vegan Gastronomy Weekends, you never know where we’ll end up next time.

If you have any favorite restaurants or specific towns you’d like us to review please add a comment below.

Bon appetit!

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