Vegan Cheese Steaks at Horns – Bethlehem, PA

If you live in southeastern PA you know that Bethlehem is home to our beloved Vegan Treats, and it’s slowly gaining vegan momentum. One of the newer eateries in town to add vegan offering on their menu is Horns. Horns specializes in local and organic comfort foods and now has an ever growing list of vegan offerings, thanks to chef Amber.

I had heard about Horns’ becoming vegan-friendly last year, but was a bit reluctant to enjoy a meal there because of the taxidermy animal heads hanging on the walls. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about it. And then Danielle Konya, owner of Vegan Treats, came to the rescue. She spoke to owner Taylor Zervos about her reservations and he gladly removed the animal heads from the walls. He hadn’t put them there, they were left over from the previous tenants, so he never gave them much thought. Instead, they placed this lovely piece on the wall 🙂

Now that the coast was clear, we took a drive up to Bethlehem for some degustation.

Horns has a rustic ambiance with heavy, wooden, tarvern-style tables and benches. It’s a great spot for a casual hang-out with friends. It’s a BYOB, so bring a six-pack and unwind on a Friday night. It’s a first come, first served, so try to get there early to grab a table. We went with our friends Jason and Angela and had an awesome time stuffing our faces with creamy kale soup, huge baskets of fries and huge vegan cheese steaks to go with them. The portions are pretty big, but we managed to slam them down and chase them with some Vegan Treats’ cannolis afterwards. You have to drive to Vegan Treats to get your dessert, but it’s not that far and absolutely worth it.

Let’s keep Bethlehem vegan-friendly and support these awesome businesses.

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