Stone Row Pub & Eatery – Jim Thorpe, PA

Last month we went to Stone Row Pub & Eatery, in Jim Thorpe, PA, for lunch after talking to a few people that highly recommended it at a convention we were at. The staff was very welcoming and they were enthusiastic about their vegan items after we told them we were vegan. They were especially excited about telling us they have vegan hot chocolate made with a choice of soy, almond or rice milk, since not many places have that. We tried the soy and almond versions and both were delicious. They had nine vegan options on their menu, either straight up vegan or easily converted, and also had a delicious apple cider mini bundt cake for dessert.

We had the lentil loaf and the millet burger, plus hot chocolates and the apple cider cake. Everything tasted great. The only thing is that the burger comes with a gluten-free flatbread instead of a bun if you want it vegan. The dish worked out fine though. They make their own vegan mayo for the potato salad that comes with it.

The owner and chef came out to greet us and make sure we knew about all their vegan options, and ended up chatting with us quite a bit. She’s vegetarian (only because she eats butter) and seems to care quite a lot about the quality and preparation that goes into their food.

She told us they have separate pans and even separate serving dishes for vegan food and the kitchen also has separate grills and prep areas so no cross-contamination happens. If I’m not mistaken, all their vegan dishes are also gluten-free.

We had a wonderful experience and, although we live about one and a half hours away from Jim Thorpe, we feel we’ll be going there regularly to eat at Stone Row. The town is lovely, with a rich history, so it’s very worth taking the time to visit anyway.

Note: it seems that the menu on their website is pretty outdated at the time of this point, so if you don’t see many vegan options it might be a good idea to call them.

* Photos by Linda Stein

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