Review: Steak And Hoagie Factory in Doylestown, PA

We got word from a friend that the Steak And Hoagie Factory in Doylestown is now offering a vegan steak hoagie, so Lydia and I met there for lunch a couple of days ago to try it out.

The kid that was taking our order wasn’t too happy and seemed to be really pissed off at us for asking questions, rolling his eyes and sounding exasperated — it was a real turn-off and we actually thought about cancelling our order and leaving. The older guy at the grill, however, was very helpful and knew about what options would be vegan (e.g. the hot sauce wasn’t vegan because had butter in it). He also informed us that it would take a little longer to prepare the vegan steak hoagie, because he had to completely clean the grill before — something we really appreciated. He later came to personally bring us the hoagie when it was done.

The hoagie was made with seitan, we asked for added onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers. I thought it tasted pretty good, although it was very heavy on cayenne pepper. It could be because we asked them to add seasoning (we were told it was a little bland) or it could have been an accident. Since I’m pretty much immune to hot peppers or sauces at this point, I ate it without problem, but it was a little harder for Lydia, even though she’s also fine with hot peppers.

We appreciate the Steak And Hoagie Factory’s decision to offer an option for us vegans. It’s nice to walk into a hoagie shop and order a real hoagie for lunch. Just make sure that kid at the counter isn’t there that day. 🙂

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