Restaurant Review: The Honey Underground – Hereford, PA

In early Celtic literature, the carrot is referred to as “The Honey Underground”.

Mauro and I finally had the opportunity to go to one of The Honey Underground’s brunches on Easter Sunday. I had heard so many good things about it but just never got around to going there. It’s about a one-hour drive for us, so we had to make it a date to actually go. We had, however, already tried Wendy Landiak’s (proprietor and chef) Balasia Café dishes at a catered event and at last year’s Bethlehem Veg Fest, so we knew we were in for a treat.

The supper club is located at the Hereford, PA firehouse and has ample space and seating for large groups. The tables are set up family style, you can choose to dine with strangers or sit as far away as you’d like 🙂 It’s a nice casual and relaxed setting that makes you just want to stay and eat, forever. The aromas and blends of the Indian/Thai fusion buffet keep you going back for seconds and thirds, and maybe even fourths. I don’t think I actually tried everything on the buffet, it was a bit much even for me to handle.

Wendy is a powerhouse!

I had the pleasure of talking to Wendy for a bit, while she was taking a break, and found out that she does all of the work by herself! It’s an incredible amount of delicious food from soups, salads and chutneys, to seitan, sautés and desserts. She is truly a talented chef with an incredible amount of energy.

Wendy’s also big on supporting local farms. She uses mostly locally-farmed organic ingredients for her dishes, another reason her food tastes so good —quality ingredients.

What to expect at The Honey Underground

While there, we stumbled upon and had the pleasure of dining with our friends Andrew and Dorinda Rumbold, of Bucks County Freedom Fuel and Wash Tyme. Andrew shared the video below, recorded some time back, showing a sampling of Wendy’s eclectic buffet.


And here are some gorgeous photos by Denise Weaver Photography


The Honey Underground is open on select Friday and Saturday evenings for a sit-down dinner or take-out and occasionally on Sundays for brunch. Check their Facebook fan page or call ahead to verify the days and hours of operation.

The next Sunday brunch is this weekend. If you don’t have plans for Mother’s day yet contact Wendy and make reservations.

1153 Gravel Pike, Hereford, PA 18056
1 (484) 330-6405

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