Restaurant Review – Ithaca, NY

Mauro and I have been wanting to go to Toronto for several years now, for several reasons —it’s extremely veg-friendly, there are some amazing farmers markets with yummy artisanal eats, it’s the host to the largest Veg Fest in North America (3 whole days of vegan demos, speakers and vendors), because we just love Canadia and Toronto is only an 8-hour drive from us.

So we packed up our camper (more on vegan camping on Mauro’s post, coming soon) and headed out. We decided to stop by Ithaca, NY, because 1) it’s somewhat along the way 2) we’ve been meaning to go there for a while, too 3) it’s the new home of one our favorite chefs.

It was a short visit to Ithaca, so unfortunately, we didn’t get to sample many restaurants with vegan offerings. Here are a couple we did try:

Stella’s Bar & Café

Stella’s is the swankier spot to eat in college town and the domain of Chef Zach Pelliccio, one of our fav non-veg chefs who cooks some pretty amazing vegan food. He’s almost up there with Rich Landau, IMHO. I’m pretty sure JL Fields would also agree. She’s the one who introduced us to chef Zach when he worked at Flow in Jim Thorpe, PA (practically in our back yard and owned by our acquaintance Victor Stabin). JL was the one who organized and promoted the 10-course Vegan Dinner Chef Zach stellarly orchestrated back in May of last year. Long story short, we went back for many more multi-course vegan meals, all incredibly creative and delicious.

When we heard Chef Zach was moving out to Ithaca, we just had to make a pit stop and get a fix for some good vegan grub. Pictured below is the super delish meal we had.



Saigon Kitchen

Since Chef Zach had the following night off, and we wanted to hang with him a little more, we all went out I dinner at one of his favorite dining spots, Saigon Kitchen—a super popular spot for inexpensive Vietnamese food.

The menu is clearly marked with many offerings that are or can be made vegan.

The portions are hearty and super yummy. We’re glad we had a chance to try it.

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