Restaurant Review – Honey, Doylestown, PA

(Apologies for the crummy pics, we forgot our camera and had to rely on our camera phone. Onward and upward!)

One of our favorite local restaurants when we were vegetarians is Honey in Doylestown, PA. It was just one of those sad stories, we loved their food but they don’t do vegan, or so we thought. We used to dine there somewhat frequently when we were vegetarians but stopped going altogether when we became vegan. Most of their dishes contain some sort of meat or dairy, and nowhere on their menu or website does it mention that they have or can do vegan options.

A couple of months ago I received a gift certificate to Honey and decided to give them a call. I was either going to have to work with them to get some sort of vegan meal together for us or ask for the money so we could go elsewhere. It all turned out for the best, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. It turns out that if you make a reservation and request vegan options they can oblige.

Quite to our surprise, when we arrived at our reserved table there was already a vegan menu awaiting us. The menu listed the original menu item with all animal ingredients in red ink and discounted pricing for the vegan option! But wait, it gets better. They made special, complimentary, house appetizers for us and the waitress knew which wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages were vegan! To top it all off, although they didn’t have a specific vegan dessert, they managed to piece together chocolate sorbet with fruit compote and hazelnut cream that rocked our night.

The staff’s attention to detail and willingness to cater to us made it the best experience we’ve had there. If you’re looking for a great dining experience in Doylestown, PA, we highly recommend making a vegan reservation at Honey.


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