Restaurant Review: Asian vegan options in Southeastern PA

Lydia and I love Asian food. I, in particular, would happily eat Chinese food every day of the week. So, of course, having good vegan options when it comes to Asian food is very important to us. Fortunately, finding vegan food in Asian restaurants is usually not too difficult. Any neighborhood Chinese restaurant, for example, will have a selection of vegetable and tofu dishes and some will even have “mock” beef and chicken dishes made with seitan.

Here are some good options if you’re in Southeastern PA/Philadelphia area:

SuTao Café (100% vegan)

We’ve been to SuTao Café, in Malvern, PA, a couple of times for their special buffet — an extended variety of food that they prepare for special occasions, bringing extra chefs in to help — and I can’t recommend them enough. It is a great restaurant, the food is delicious and 100% vegan, and the owners are very committed to promoting veganism, so we encourage you to visit them if you happen to be nearby.

Lydia and I were there on Christmas Day with members of the Chester County Care for Animals and the Bucks County Vegan Supper Club and snapped the pictures below.

All their food is excellent, but I need to point out that their fake meats will fool any meat-eater you bring along. I’ve tried some dishes that made me feel uncomfortable eating, because my brain refused to accept that what I was eating was vegan and not animals. I don’t necessarily care for meat substitutes, but if that’s your thing, you definitely will not be disappointed.

Su Xing (vegetarian/vegan)

We went Su Xing in Phidelphia, PA, a few months ago with the rest of the From A to Vegan crew, and had a great time. James already knew the place, but the rest of us were really impressed by the quality of the food. Their “pan fried noodles with vegetables” are simply the best noodles we’ve ever tried.

Their menu is mostly vegan with some vegetarian dishes, but they’re not all clearly marked. Always check with the staff when ordering.

Wild Ginger II (vegan-friendly)

Lydia had heard good things about Wild Ginger II, located in Jamison, PA, so last week when we were driving around we decided to head that way and give them a try. They’re a Thai/Chinese/Japanese restaurant that also offers a “vegetarian” (which is actually vegan) menu, complete with appetizers.

We ordered seitan-based appetizers and entrees so at the end of the dinner we were really stuffed (as we’ve said before, we stuff ourselves so you don’t have to) but they have a selection of lighter, vegetable-based dishes as well. Everything was very good, I especially liked the “mango duck” I ordered.

One other thing we liked: our waitress actually tried to get us to try the vegan appetizers before she realized we were vegans. Good for her! 🙂

Other restaurants to consider in the Philadelphia region

Here are some other places in this area you might want to check out:

Singapore (Philadelphia, PA) – they’re “strictly vegetarian including vegan”. We don’t know if that means they’re 100% vegan or not, since we haven’t been there. But we’ve heard good things about them.

New Harmony (Philadelphia, PA) – Vegan Chinese restaurant. They don’t have a website, only a Facebook page. James has been here and likes it.

Mi Lah (Philadelphia, PA) – Vegan restaurant with a variety of international dishes. Read James’ review, posted earlier this year.

Gourmet Wok (Chalfont, PA) – Vegan-friendly Chinese restaurant. Lydia likes the texture of their “mock” duck and chicken better than most places, I’m ok with them. Make sure to let the staff know you’re vegan, since some of their vegetarian entrees may have eggs, which they’ll leave out if asked.

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