PositiviTea – Verona, NJ

So last year, our friends Dianne and Dennis had been posting pics of this unbelievably luscious, double-decker vegan burger (The Big Wac) from newly opened PositiviTea in Verona, NJ. For the longest time, all I could do was drool and live vicariously through them.

The Montclair/Verona/West Orange region of North Jersey is home to a vibrant vegan community and some great vegan food. It’s about a two hour hike for us, but, as most of us vegans do, we will travel for good vegan food and even better if we get to meet up with our good friends Dianne from VeggieGirl and Chic Vegan, Jenna from Good Good Things, and their amazing husbands.

We finally got a break over the holidays and made a special trip out there to see if it was really all the hype.

Wait for it… OMG!  It was so worth the drive. The Big Wac was everything I was expecting it to be. The burger patty is soy-free, made with quinoa and it has a nice firm bite to it. It doesn’t squish or fall apart when you bite into it. That’s pretty darn impressive.

To top it off, they have almond-based soft serve ice cream that they transform into scrumptious sundaes. For our friend Dennis, the chef concocted the crazy, off the menu, holiday-inspired ice cream sandwich—Miss Nicky’s oatmeal cookies, nog flavored soft serve, gingerbread person cookies and peppermint Oreo-like cookies. Insanely good!

PositiviTea is a café-style eatery with a cozy, laid back, zen ambiance. They have a decent menu with burgers, wraps, waffles, pancakes and ice cream that are so yummy. They have coffee, lattes and teas as well, of course. They’re soy-free and have gluten-free options, too.

If for any reason you don’t love the food, there’s no way you won’t love Chef Abe. He’s an amazingly positive, peaceful, loving soul who will tell you he loves you (in a friendly, adorable way) multiple times while you’re there. You can’t help but leave there with a happy belly and a smile on your face.

Photos by Jenna

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