Flora – Jenkintown, PA

Exciting news for vegans in southeastern PA. Flora is a new, 100% vegan eatery in Jenkintown, PA, making its debut in November of last year. Man, I feel so lucky living in this part of PA. Just look at all that delicious food we tried.

Flora is a small and cozy space, with an urban shaby-chic flare, right in the heart of Jenkintown. It only seats 16, so be sure to make reservations, especially if you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday. It’s a BYOB and there are two dinner options, $30 per person for 3 savory courses or $40 per person for 3 savory courses and a dessert. Mauro and I opted for the $40 option. No way was I missing dessert.

We had the gorgeous display of food below. All of the dishes were lovely and beautifully put together.

I had the persimmon salad and it was delightful. I would’ve never thought to make persimmons the main ingredient in a salad. I so enjoyed the blend of flavors.  Mauro had the harvest salad, which was hearty and had a nice truffled dressing. He usually doesn’t order salad and was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. Our friend, Linda, had the butternut soup. I especially liked how they brought the bowl out with only the center veggies and then poured the soup around them at the table. That made for a nice serving presentation.

From there we progressed to the second course with the country-fried hen of the woods with grits and the spiced cauliflower. The one thing we noticed with this course was that the proportions were quite off. The cauliflower dish was a much smaller portion than the grits—which had a lot of heft to them. We didn’t think it was a big deal, since they had just recently opened and were still ironing things out. Plus, Mauro and I always share all of our food, so it balanced itself out. Both were tasty, but I really liked how hearty the hen of the woods and grits were. I’d love to have that for brunch sometime.

The third course was equally delicious. The tamale was well seasoned and flavorful and the mushroom duxelle was a nice balance between the stewed mushroom and the crispy gratin potatoes on top.

Last but definitely not least, the dessert course was fab. The Plantains Foster was the superstar of the meal. It was hearty and had a bold and satisfying flavor. It was just the right amount of sweet, the sauce was cinnamony and super delish, and the vanilla ice cream melting on top of the warm plantains and sauce was just perfect. The beignets were a great finale, too. This was a lighter dessert than the plaintains—not light as in low calorie, but lighter in density and flavor. These yummy morsels were fluffy with delicate flavor, which the rich dark chocolate sauce complemented well.

The only item not featured, aside from drinks, was the crusty European style bread that was served as we were selecting our dishes. It was soooo good that we scarfed it down faster than it took me to pick up the camera.

We had a great dining experience at Flora and plan to go back in the near future.

Menu (at the time we went there)

First Course

  1. Jerusalem artichoke soup, crispy shallots, black garlic
  2. Harvest salad, truffle vinaigrette, local field greens
  3. Fuyu persimmon, mission figs, pine nuts

Second Course

  1. Country fried hen of the woods, truffle agave grits, okra
  2. Hoppin John’s black eye peas, charred avocado, snow peas
  3. Spiced cauliflower, royal trumpet, dried fruit

Third Course

  1. Wild mushroom duxelle, potato crisp, mushroom jus
  2. Traditional tamales, chipotle, salsa verde
  3. Traditional pepper pot, red lentils, sweet potatoes

Fourth Course

  1. Quince espuma, almond cake, apple cider granita
  2. Beignets and chocolate
  3. Plantains, coconut, agave peanuts

Flora is open Tuesday through Saturday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. BYOB and cash only.

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