Review: Naked Beans Organics Eye Cream

Update: So sad to inform that Naked Beans Organics went out of business and non of their products are available any more �?

Don’t you just wish you could find the perfect moisturizers/lotion that works well with your skin type? That isn’t greasy or too heavy, or not moisturizing enough?

I had been on the hunt for the perfect eye-cream for a couple of years. I wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank and wouldn’t harm the environment, my skin or other animals. Tough combo, huh? Well, as you may suspect, I found it. Naked Beans Organics’ coffee Revitalizing Eye Cream.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy testimonial, I found the Goldilocks of eye creams! Not too greasy, not too heavy, not too light… just right.

I realize everyone’s skin is different and different products work better for some than others. I’ve been using this particular product for several months now and really like the appearance of my skin around my eyes. Here are a few other things a really like about it:

  • There aren’t any harmful chemicals in it (as far as I can tell).
  • It absorbs easily into the skin and wears well under make-up.
  • The pump doses small amounts of products (or a lot if you press down all the way). So you can dose just enough and not waste precious amounts of eye cream.
  • It’s made by a small company with a great philosophy.
  • And last but not least, the price for the amount of product you receive is great. $30 for 2 oz —2 oz. doesn’t sounds like much but it actually is, I’ve been using it for months and I’m only half way through.  Most other eye creams cost more for less product. Note: this is the biggest eye creme container I’ve ever seen/bought.

You probably still have time to get some, or some of their other facial and body care products, for Mother’s day. They also have a men’s product line, which I’m sure dads would love for Father’s day.

I definitely plan on buying other products from them (I’ll post an update once I get a chance to test them out). Leave us a comment if you’ve tried any Naked Beans Organics’ products and tell us what you think.

Disclosure: The post author received free samples of the product reviewed.

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