Review: Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen Cookbook

There’s such a great variety of vegan cookbooks on the market nowadays that you’re bound to find one you love, whether you’re vegan or just veg curious.

The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen is a collection of traditional recipes from around the world in their vegan version. There is definitely something for everybody in this cookbook. The recipes are mostly hardy dishes (I have several bookmarked for when cold weather rolls around again) that will definitely satisfy a hungry crowd anywhere in the world.

The cover of the book says there are 150 plant-based recipes but there are actually a lot more. Some of the recipes are broken down into 3 or 4 different components (sauces, fillings, etc.) that can very well be used in other dishes.

Both Chris and I like that the book has an easy substitution guide in the front portion of the book. There are quick recipes to substitute animal-based ingredients such as dairy (condensed milk, evaporated milk, heavy cream), eggs, meat stock, and fish sauce, to name a few, which we hadn’t seen in other books.

We also like that the book features a nice icon system, located in the upper corner of each recipe, informing readers what’s gluten-free, soy-free, low fat, low glycemic and kosher. Icon systems make life a whole lot easier if you’re cooking for someone with food sensitivities or other restrictions.

With so many tempting recipes it was hard to decide what to try. I ended up trying a main dish and a dessert, based on the ingredients I had on hand, and they were both easy to make and delicious. I served the Joe’s Un-clam Casino in lettuce leaves, making it both fresh and hardy. And the Besitos de Coco (coconut cookies) ended up sans the chocolate coating, but still didn’t last a whole day. We just couldn’t stop eating them.

Chris added blueberries to the scones. Yummy!

Chris’ Review

I was excited to see a scone recipe in this book; I can’t think of many that I’ve found in vegan cookbooks and it was the first time I’ve attempted to make them myself. I had some dried blueberries to use up, so this recipe seemed to be screaming to be made pronto. It was a simple recipe and it actually made more than predicted, which was great for my daughter who couldn’t keep herself from eating them, one after another. Not only did they turn out just as expected, but eating them made me excited for our impending trip to the UK. If you’re looking for a quick breakfast recipe, this may be the one for you. I will definitely be making them again soon.

The only two cons I found in the book were:

1- The book needs a better index. Some of the dishes have recipes for multiple components and you can’t find the individual components via the index. I had seen that one of the dishes had a béchamel sauce but couldn’t remember which one, so I had to look through the entire book to find it again.

2- The Brazilian dish wasn’t very Brazilian and the recipe name has a word in Spanish in it (Portuguese is the spoken language in Brazil). One of the components of the dish is a savory avocado spread and avocados are traditionally eaten as dessert in Brazil. Having lived in there for many years this was kind of disappointing.

We still liked the book a lot and recommend it to anyone looking for vegan alternatives for traditional, international dishes.

Disclosure: received a free copy of Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen to review.

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