Review: Fitbliss Organics

Mauro and I are huge supporters of locally produced food and pretty much anything else for the house or personal use. In this era of globalization and mass production, of pretty much everything made everywhere but the US, we really go out of our way to find and support American-made. The closer it’s produced to our local community the better.

When we went to Weavers Way Co-op’s Vegan Fest back in March we met a good handful of local producers of vegan products, one of them being Fitbliss Organics. Fitbliss has a lovely line of 100% certified organic and vegan body scrubs, body butters and body oils (baby butters, coming soon!), made with mostly locally sourced ingredients.

Organic, local and vegan doesn’t have to be boring

Their product line has unique and scrumptious ingredient combinations: chocolate & almond, coconut & lime, coffee & creme, lavender & lemon, rosemary & bergamot. They smell more like dessert than cosmetics and that’s alright by my book.

The ingredients are all plant based, based extract, oils and, in some cases, pieces of nuts, spices and actual whole coffee beans! Yep, those are whole coffee beans in the body butter below. Then there are those special ingredients  that are really touching when you read the label on the jars: love, elation, etc. How can you not feel good about that? Every time I use my body butter or scrub I remember the special ingredient and smile 🙂

Chocolate & Almond scrub and Coffee & Creme body butter

Saving the best for last. What I really like best about the body butter and scrub is that they’re not as greasy —I hate using that term, but some products just don’t absorb and you feel,well, greasy. Most salt/sugar scrubs I’ve used in the past have made my tub a death trap. I didn’t have that issue with Fitbliss. The body butter absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any undesirable residue. It works really well on dry heals and elbows because of the natural essential fatty acids ingredients. Love it!

Joslyn, the proprietor and maker of Fitbliss Organics products, is just as lovely as the products she makes. Please show her some support and help keep small businesses like these in business. Fitbliss Organics products can be purchased directly on their website or, if you’re local to the Philadelphia area, they can be found at Weavers Way Co-op.


Disclosure: The post author received free samples of the products reviewed.

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