Review: Ecolunchgear sandwich and snack bag

In October of 2010, we took a trip down to Washington, DC for the Greenfestival. This was the second trip to the festival for my family and the first for Lydia and Mauro. If you are at all interested in purchasing environmentally-friendly products or upgrading your home with more sustainable alternatives, this is a great event to check out. They have festivals all over the U.S. and usually alternate cities, so there’s a good chance there will be one somewhere fairly close to you within the next year.


There are all kinds of exhibitors at Greenfestival, but one of my favorites was Ecolunchgear. They sell reusable sandwich bags, snack bags, cloth napkins, and tissue pouches; so for anyone who packs their lunch or packs a lunch for their kid, these are fantastic alternatives to a traditional disposable plastic bag. I purchased two sandwich wraps and two jumbo snack bags that day. These are made from organic cotton and lined with non-PVC nylon, which may be wiped clean after use or even thrown into the washing machine. I especially like the sandwich wrap because I can open it up and take a bite of my sandwich and put it right back down on the opened wrapper (it’s big enough to lay my whole lunch out). I’ve been using these for about 6 months now and have drastically cut down purchasing plastic sandwich bags. I even bought a few more online as gifts! I love the fabrics, too—they are whimsical and colorful. These are easy to purchase online and they have sales quite frequently.

These are my favorite products so far year and I use them all the time!


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