Product Review: Dansko Sanibel Vegan Clogs

I’m admittedly not much of a shoe person. Maybe that’s because my feet grew quickly as a kid, and I was wearing a size 9 by the time I was in middle school. I looked ridiculous in the trendy shoes of the 80’s (does anyone remember those little black fabric Mary Janes that were so popular?) So as an adult, I’m not very inspired by shoe choices. Mine tend to be mostly utilitarian in both function and design. One of the types of shoes I’ve always liked are clogs (I guess the 70’s were a good time to have my kind of feet). On a recent trip into NYC, we stopped at Moo Shoes and I found out that Dansko makes vegan clogs.

I love those kind of random surprises! Not only did I need to replace my beat-up old clogs, but finding out that I could replace them with vegan ones was just a great feeling. The ones I found in the store are volley black coated canvas, which is a vinyl coated fabric made from cotton. These shoes are also waterproof, which I’ve tested many times to make sure my feet stayed dry (and they have). They are also lightweight but they look like heavy clogs. As with all the Dansko shoes, they have an anatomically contoured foot bed for great support and are very comfortable. The only real issue I have is that they are sized in the European system, and don’t seem to come in my specific size. These are just a tiny bit small on my feet, whereas my old clogs are too big. I love wearing clogs in the winter, since they have a nice sized flexible bottom which keeps my feet far away from the cold.


I’m really happy to have found these shoes!

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