Magazine review: “Revista dos Vegetarianos”, a Brazilian vegan magazine

Lydia and I were recently in Brazil, and this is part of a series of posts on veganism in Brazil.

We were very pleased to find out that there is a Brazilian magazine for vegans, called “Revista dos Vegetarianos” (“The Vegetarian’s Magazine”). Despite the name, it is a vegan magazine, although there are a few ads for vegetarian (i.e. not 100% vegan) products and restaurants — they probably need the extra revenue since both the vegan community and the number of vegan products manufacturers are small.

The magazine seems to be available on most newstands, at least in the São Paulo city region. We bought about half a dozen past issues so we could have a good idea of the magazine’s typical content.

The “Revista dos Vegetarianos” is a great magazine. It is beautifully laid out, the articles are very informative and for the most part based on science, discussing everything from the vegan diet effects on health and environmental problems related to animal agriculture to animal rights issues and famous vegan historical figures. They also have reviews of vegan products (food, clothing and more) and a good number of vegan recipes which include pictures that will leave your mouth watering.

The back part of the magazine contains advertisements and a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants throughout the whole country.

If you live in Brazil and can read Portuguese, be sure to pick this magazine up. It is a great vegan resource and the restaurant listings are extremely useful. In fact, even if you’re there only for vacation or business, you might want to get a copy just for that list, so you’ll know where you can go to have a nice vegan lunch or dinner.

There are some older issues available online for free, through the magazine’s website or directly from this link.

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