Vida Vegan Con 2013 Goodie Bags

As I mentioned on previous post, the Vida Vegan Con goodie bag was so darn big it deserves its own post. So here it is. Mauro and I each got a bag so multiply all this by two. Yay!

Products listed sweeping from left to right:


  1. Allison’s Gourmet – Chocolate Almond Toffee
    I’m not a toffee fan but I couldn’t get enough of these. They were so good!
  2. Hemp Hearts – Hemp Seeds
    I buy these regularly. They’re so yummy sprinkled on anything.
  3. Beanfield’s – Nacho Bean & Rice Chips
    I like these better than corn chips. They’re cheesy and packed with protein too.
  4. Vida Vegan Con Mug
  5. Attune Foods – Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal
    Super crunchy flakes. I love buckwheat as savory dish so it took few tries for me to get used to it as cereal. Now I really like it.
  6. Teese – Fritos and Nacho Cheese sauce kit
    We love Teese! It’s my favorite vegan cheese for pizza and mac ‘n cheese.
  7. Veggie Grill – Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Cookie! Yummy!
  8. Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods – Peaches & Berry Bramble instant oatmeal
    Good instant oatmeal. A little on the sweet side for me (I hardly add sugar to anything), but I love burst of peach and berry flavor.
  9. Food Tastes Good – Sweet Potato Chips
    Tastes good 🙂 Yummy chips.
  10. Stumptown Organics – Kale Chips
    Love kale chips. These are made with hazelnuts from Oregon.
  11. Sheer Glyde – Dam
    Someone was expecting us to have some other kind of fun 🙂 We haven’t tried it yet. We’ll report back.
  12. Beauty Without Cruelty – Moisturizer
    Good non-greasy moisturizer with Vitamin C. I’ll be using it this summer.
  13. Booda Butter – Moisturizer and Lip Balm
    Heavy duty moisturizer. I’ll be using it this winter. Made with real cocoa butter. I love that smell!
  14. Wayfare – Pigout bacon bits
    Adds umami and chunch to dishes and salads.
  15. So Delicious – Chocolate milk
    Chocolate milk is my fave! I love their milks and ice cream.
  16. LaraBar and Lara Über Bar
    The Über bar was not vegan, it had honey in it :-/ LaraBar issued an apology.
  17. Fabe’s – Gluten-Free coconut cookie
    Delish! Tasted like a macaroon.
  18. Jeanette Zeis – Vegan Dish ceramic keychain
    Love this. I’m going to make a necklace out of mine.
  19. Peanut Butter & Co. – Chocolate peanut butter
    I’m a natural peanut butter fiend. I don’t usually like added ingredients, but I have a crush on this stuff. PB & Chocolate? Yes, please!
  20. Gin-Gins – Chews
    Gin-Gins are the bomb! I love quick the heat you get from them.
  21. Nacheez – Cheese sauce
    Small sample to really get a feel for it, but we had some at one of our meals and it was good.
  22. Wholesome – Sugar and agave samples
  23. Go Max Go – Thumbs Up candy bar
    Just like a Butterfinger.
  24. Bob’s Red Mill – Amaranth whole grain
    Yay! A full size bag. We love whole grains. I’m going to try a breakfast cereal with this.
  25. MailChimp – Decorative tape
    Pretty decorative adhesive tape. I can think of so many uses for these. MailChimp has been rocking my email world for years!
  26. PowBab – Antioxidant chew
    Yummy tart chews, kind of like Startbursts but with antioxidants. I don’t use those types of supplements but I’d love these as candy.
  27. Oregon Kombucha – Kombucha starter kit
    I’m not a big fan of kombucha, but it was so thoughtful of them to give such a hefty gift.
  28. Glyde – Flavored condoms
    More safe fun ahead 🙂 It’s nice to know there’s a great company making vegan condoms.
  29. Anti Bad Mood Spray
    Serenity now! Travel size aroma-therapy. I’ve been needing some of this lately.
  30. Vida vegan Con – Schedule and notebook
    Handy. Took lots of notes.
  31. The Great Vegan Bean Book – Recipe sampler
    Beans, beans, the magical fruit 🙂 We’ll definitely be trying recipes from this book to switch things up a bit.
  32. Miscellaneous coupons and recipe books from Upton’s Naturals, Attune Foods, So Delicious and Earth Balance
    I went to the health food store and saved $30 with these coupons. I still have a few more to use. Thank you!
  33. Veggie Grill – Coupon for free meal
    Yay! We got a delicious free dinner at Veggie Grill and we enjoyed every bite.

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