Vegan Cuts Snack Box Sample

While at Vida Vegan Con, all attendees received a Vegan Cuts Snack Box sample. Who doesn’t like free and tasty goodies? A big thanks to Jill and John for giving us a taste of their monthly subscription snack boxes. It’s like Christmas all year round!

Here’s what came in the bag (products listed sweeping from left to right):

  1. Carrot Crisps – Cinnamon flavor
    These were a little odd at first bite, so intensely carroty with a hint of cinnamon, but then I got used to them and they were ok. I think I may like them more in a savory version. I don’t care for carrots and sweet potatoes in sweet dishes.
  2. Ultima Replenisher
    A healthier alternative to Gatorade.
  3. What A Jerky! – Gluten-free jerky
    Kind of like soy curlz but ready to eat and pre-seasoned.
  4. Hail Merry – Chocolate Macaroons
    Wow! I love Hail Merry products, but had never tried these before. Chocolate and coconut bliss. Love them!
  5. Cuppow – Mason jar sippy lid
    A great product to do away with all those disposable coffee cups.
  6. Just Pure Foods – Spicy Jalapeño Tomato Chips
    Like kale chips, but with tomatoes instead. So yummy and crunchy!
  7. Surf Sweets – Fruity Bears
    The good kind of gummy candy, not the kind that will pull your fillings out. Fruity and tangy.
  8. Serengeti Tea Sticks
    An alternative to the classic tea bag. These sticks have multiple holes down the length of them to infuse the tea leave inside.
  9. Lush Nuts – Cinnamon Almonds
    A tasty nut snack. Sweet with a hint of cinnamon.
  10. PureFit – Protein bar
    One of the best protein bars I’ve had yet. It’s still a little chalky like all protein bars but it has good flavor, which is a huge plus.
  11. Ginger Belgian Chocolate
    Good quality chocolate. Smooth and silky.
  12. Equal Exchange – Chocolate
    More chocolate. Bliss! Organic and fairtrade. What could be better?
  13. Dandies – Vegan marshmallows
    Compassionate marshmallows for all your dessert and s’mores needs.
  14. Vegan Cuts – Temporary tattoos and pin
    Now I can tat up my left arm and plan for future ink 😉
Food coma 3 days into our trip and in the midst of a photo shoot

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