Tsubi Soups

A little while ago we were contacted by the owner of Tsubi Soups asking if we would be interested in trying her products, since they’re all vegan. Being great fans of soups in general and miso soup in particular, we agreed and she sent us a few samples.

Now, if you’re familiar with Japanese culture, you would know that they are masters of the cute. I mean, srly Japan? You just can’t beat them. So the package we got was really nice and the soup packets are super cute. Take a look:

They only have, at least so far, three flavors: miso soup with vegetables, mushrooms or a tofu/seaweed combo. They are pretty filling (make about a cup) and make absolutely perfect snacks at only about 40 calories a pop. You throw the freeze-dried square in boiling water and it instantly reconstitutes, it’s like magic.

Of the three flavors, my favorite was the one with vegetables, because of the taste (the veggies plump up very well and taste fresh) and also it really fills up your belly. But the mushroom and the tofu/seaweed flavors are also very good, with the latter being the lightest soup, the tofu cubes dissolve in your mouth.

They are great for when you feel like eating but don’t want to eat snacks or sweets, and I always feel like having a nice hot cup of soup anyway. Pretty useful to have around at home or in your drawer at work.

I really, really liked these soups. In fact, I’m having one right now as I finish this review. I highly recommend them.

Right now, you can buy them directly from the Tsubi Soup online store with free shipping if you use the coupon code FROMATOVEGAN before checkout. This coupon is only valid for a month from the publication of this review, so get it fast.

They also started distributing their products via two stores in the USA: Food Fight in Portland and Vegan Republic in Berkley, and they are currently working to get more distributors, so hopefully we’ll soon be able to get them somewhat more locally.

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