Sweet Designs Chocolatier – Review

Looks yummy, right?

Looks yummy, right?

“Mmmm, chocolate!” was the first thing I thought when I received the sample package from Sweet Designs Chocolatier to review.

The company isn’t vegan, they also make milk chocolate, but they have a nice selection of certified organic, vegan and gluten-free 70% dark chocolate barks and an assortment box—with truffles and other goodies! Who doesn’t love good chocolate? And it says “vegan” right on their package and website. What’s not to love about that?

Sweet Designs has 6 types of organic dark chocolate barks: salted almond, puffed quinoa (there’s a milk chocolate version of this one, so make sure to select the 70% dark), trail mix, cinnamon heat, pepita and cranberry. The barks are reasonably priced at $6 for a 4 oz. container. You can also choose a 6-pack for $36—no savings there, but it would make a nice gift, for yourself or someone else.

The 17-piece, all vegan, assortment box—with truffles, mini bark squares, nut and coconut clusters, date squares and more—costs $24. I think that’s quite reasonable compared to other assortment boxes I’ve seen around the interwebs. It comes in a nice, embossed box with a ribbon around it and a plastic tray with compartments for each of the assorted goodies. It makes for a nice gift presentation. The assorted pieces are standard combinations that most people would like, such as, coconut or almond clusters, coconut truffle, cocoa nib mini bark, etc. The piece that stands out the most are the date squares. So this is a box that could easily be gifted to family members or for business purposes.

What We Thought About Sweet Designs’ Chocolates

I received the Trail Mix Bark, the puffed Quinoa Bark and the a 17-piece assortment box. Mauro and I both enjoyed both barks and the assortment. We thought the chocolate was pretty balanced, not too bitter and not too sweet—some chocolates, even dark ones, can be heavy on the sugar.

Mauro liked the Trail Mix bark the best for the strong chocolate and zante currant flavors, but says he’s “more than happy to eat any of them”. I really liked the puffed Quinoa Bark and the dates squares the best. The Quinoa bark is thin and crispy (because of the puffed quinoa) and so yummy to chomp on. I liked the soft, chewy filling of the date squares and how the sweet date paste filling compliments the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate so well.

Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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