So Delicious Ice Creams

Can I start this by saying I hate the fact that vegan ice cream has to be called “frozen dessert” or some other stupid name to avoid being sued? It’s ice cream, everybody knows it, everybody calls it that, but the manufactors can’t… I’m calling it ice cream and that’s it.

With that out of the way, onward to the review.

We received some coupons for free So Delicious items, so we decided to go for their ice cream. We’ve had some of their ice cream in the past, but they have expanded their product line and so we took the opportunity to revisit some of the products we knew and to try some of the new ones, side by side.

We picked one flavor from each variety of milk: soy, almond, cashew and coconut. Unfortunately there was little overlap in flavours, at least at the supermarket we picked up ours so we ended up with different everything. It would be interesting to try the same flavor in all varieties but still, but we still thought it would be ok to try to draw some comparisons between the varieties we got. I’ll refer to the variety of ice cream (soy, almond, cashew, coconut) instead of the specific flavor when describing them.

Texture: we left the ice creams out of the freezer a little bit so they could soften a little, and the cashew had the best texture, smooth and creamy. The coconut was a little bit chalky, with the other two being somewhere in between.

Underlying taste: the only two that had any underlying taste from the type of milk used were the coconut and soy ice creams, with the coconut being the more pronounced. Even then, it was very slight and in no way detracted from the final taste of the ice cream.

Sweetness: we tend to prefer less sweet stuff, so the coconut ice cream got the most points on that category. The cashew and almond were the sweetest. I’m not sure how much the actual flavors had a lot of influence here (chocolate versus coffee-related flavors).

Overall, we liked them all, they’re good ice creams. We’d be happy to have any at any time, but if we had to pick one we would choose the cashew milk ice cream as our favorite of the bunch. It had the best mix of texture (best texture by far) and flavor, even though it was on the sweeter side. We would definitely recommend them for anybody that likes ice cream… which probably means everybody — after all, who doesn’t like ice cream? 🙂

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