Review: WayFare Food’s Vegan Cheese and Puddings

As all vegans know, good cheese substitutes are one of the most difficult things to find. There are a number of options out there, some terrible, most of them disappointing, and a few that are actually good. We recently received some small samples from Wayfare Foods‘ vegan cheeses and puddings to try out and review. We were anxious to see what we would find… and we were glad to have tried them.

Their products are made with oats and are certified gluten-free. They are a very good alternative for people with gluten, nut or soy allergies, since most cheese substitutes are made from either soy or some kind of nut. Their “cheeses” are spreads, so keep that in mind — you won’t be able to grate or slice them, that might restrict their application in your recipes.

We tried three of Wayfare Food’s “We Can’t Say It’s Cheese” spreads: Cheddar spread, Hickory Smoked Cheddar spread and Mexi-Cheddar spread (this last one is more like a dip), the “We Can’t Say It’s Sour Cream” and the chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla puddings.

The Hickory Cheddar spread took us by surprise when we tried it on some crackers, it was so good it was immediately declared “the perfect cheese substitute” — at least in our household. We couldn’t test it on anything else because we ate the whole sample right away.

The Cheddar spread went on crackers, bread and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s also good, although not as close to cheese as the Hickory Cheddar. It worked especially well in the grilled cheese.

We used the Mexi-Cheddar spread to make a damn good Mac & Cheese, which we ate accompanied by some vegan chorizo and green peppers with a dollop of their sour cream.

The puddings have a soft consistency and are some of the best vegan puddings we’ve tried so far. All the flavors were yummy. Lydia doesn’t particularly like butterscotch, but even she enjoyed the pudding.

The only product we didn’t quite like was the “We Can’t Say It’s” Sour Cream. The product itself is not bad: we just prefer Tofutti’s sour cream’s taste and texture.

Overall, we liked Wayfare Foods’ products a lot and are glad to have another good option out there. Give them a try. If you have trouble finding them, check their Store Locator page.

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