Review: Soyummi Pudding

Last year I got a couple of coupons for free Soyummi puddings. I was so excited because I had seen them at my local grocery/health food store, but when I went to buy them they didn’t carry them any more 🙁

I searched all my local stores for months and they’re finally back on the shelves (in the refrigerated aisle). I got two flavors, the Soyummi dark chocolate and rice puddings. Their website lists three more flavors —tapioca, cherry and lime—but these were all I found. They’re dairy-free (of course), gluten-free, low fat, and made from non-GMO soy and other ingredients you can read. They come packaged in these cute boxes with 4 individual cup servings—perfect for dessert or an on-the-go snack.

So are they any good?

I really like the dark chocolate pudding. What I liked about it most, other than the chocolate, is that it’s a mix between a pudding and a soufflé. It has little air bubbles in it that give it a nice texture. The flavor is also really good with just a slight hint of soy—I’m not a big fan of the taste of American soy milk and I don’t like any dessert that has that beany taste—so this one was good.

Mauro loves rice pudding and he thought Soyummi’s was pretty good. I myself like rice pudding, but only the homemade kind. None of the packaged brands do it for me. This pudding however, to me (Mauro didn’t think so), tasted like a mix between rice and tapioca puddings. Maybe because of the texture (it’s more pudding than rice) and the vanilla flavoring. It’s not what I expect from a rice pudding, but I thought it was ok anyway. I’d definitely choose the dark chocolate pudding over this one, but I didn’t even have to say that, did I?

As they say, and it’s so cliché, the proof is in the pudding. We both liked them, each with a preference—I like the dark chocolate and Mauro liked the rice pudding. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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