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Before I became vegan I always had some sort of mint or gum in my handbag and you’d, inevitably, see me popping one in my mouth at some point during the day. As a vegetarian I didn’t read the labels/ingredients on candy. I just presumed they were vegetarian, but the truth is a lot of them aren’t. Candy and gum can contain gelatin (made form animal carcasses and skin), carmine (made from cochineal beetles), confectioners glaze (made from shellac beetles) and sugar processed with bone char (animal bone char). When I became vegan I became aware of these things thanks to the vegan community and dropped candy altogether. It was just too much work reading all the labels every time I wanted a mint or some gum. And who needs all the sugar in them anyway. I did miss my mints, though 🙁

A couple of months ago Pür contacted me about their vegan mints and gum, sweetened with Xylitol (sugar-free!) and I was like “Yes, please!”

I received samples of the Mojito Lime Mint, Tangerine Tango And Peppermint mint and the spearmint gum. I can’t say which one I like best. All the flavors are equally lovely. They’re bright and refreshing with a hint of sweetness and no funky sugar-free aftertaste. They also come in cute (yes, design matters) pouches that tuck away easily in even the smallest of handbags 🙂

Their packaging states that the mints are Vegan (I love that it’s listed first), non-gmo (if it matters to you), gluten-free, nut & soy-free and Swiss made.

They’re yummy and my handbag is resupplied with mints and gum again. If you’re interested in trying them out, the friendly folks at Pür have given our readers a $10 discount for their online store. It’s definitely Mint to Be!

Treat Yourself to $10 in Pür Mints and Gum

Visit Pür’s online shop and use code VEGAN10 at checkout to get $10 off your total purchase.


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