Product Review: Veestro-Nature’s Cuisine

When I think about frozen foods, I think of things like peas or Tofurky pizza that I pick up occasionally at the food store. I was so excited when Monica from Veestro contacted me about sampling their goods. Veestro products are a healthy alternative to your frozen food section, and really convenient because they deliver right to your doorstep! Most people I know are conscious of their food choices, or trying hard to think more about them on a daily basis. With Veestro products, you see right on the package in front of you which ingredients are in your meal. Even though I know they are vegan, I was still curious to see whole wheat flour, nutritional yeast, cilantro, shallots, and garbanzo beans on the packaging. Gone are the strange, unpronounceable words that you have to look up just to make sure an item isn’t going to do more harm than good going down. Simple and flavorful ingredients have been carefully chosen for these foods, which I can appreciate.

To place an order with Veestro, one has to register online at and either choose meals or customize a meal plan. They have some great sounding meals like tofu scramble with soy chorizo, veggie empanadas, butternut squash bisque, soba noodles with peanut sauce, and chocolate chip peanut butter cake. They also have some chick’n nuggets and mac n’ cheez for kids, as well as juice options. It looks like a straightforward, easy process to order and receive your food.


I found everything Monica sent us to be tasty and easy to prepare. Our oven isn’t new by any means, so microwaving was the option I chose for heating up the food. One of my favorites was the butternut squash soup, which tasted fresh and light and was the perfect meal for me when I was feeling under the weather. I also loved the lentil meatloaf, which came with a delicious gravy. The croquettes also came with a sauce, and I like how the thought of having that inclusion of flavor in the dish was not overlooked. Too often I find myself having to add extra ingredients into frozen foods, but the Veestro folks took care of that for me.

I’d like to thank Monica for sending these delicious samples. She even created a coupon code for our readers! If you go onto their site, and type in coupon code A2V15, you can get 15% off of your order through July. So what are you waiting for? This is not your average frozen food–order some Veestro for yourself today!

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